Getting Started Running

Ok, let's talk about getting started. So many people tell me that they would love to start running (or walking) but they aren't sure how. I am also constantly asked for all kinds of advice on running. People want tips, they want reinforcement, they want inspiration, validation, reassurance and help. I always say three things.
  • 1st, to get started, all you need is a good pair of shoes (not necessarily expensive ones by the way). 
  • 2nd, people should definitely consult their physician to ensure that running is a healthy and safe activity for them. 
  • 3rd, relax. I mean it. Folks get so worked up. A lifetime of preconceived notions and attitudes about running can be stifling. Fear of failure or getting embarrassed or feeling that it will be too painful arrests the idea of heading out of doors to take a jog. Probably the most important practical thing that everyone should consider—once they have a good pair of shoes and a green light from their doctor—is to chill the heck out. It's great to be ambitious, but most people overdo it right out of the gate. I say that you should finish every workout in the first many months feeling like you could have easily done more. If you feel too exhausted, if you are completely spent after a run, you likely made a big mistake.  
Now I have tons of ideas, tips, strategies, opinions, etc., about running, but for the purpose of this Getting Started page, I want to list a number of resource guides that have been useful to me. They are all loaded with tons of information and it can be easy to get overwhelmed. I recommend skimming some of them, looking for headlines that catch your eye. Again, relax, don't stress, it's meant to actually be relaxing and fun. I'm thrilled that you've found your way to this page and my genuine hope for you is that you turn thought into action and simply head out for a run!

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  1. #run3d is a great thing,I hope many people will get into action and give this a try.I try and do every thing I can do but it takes more than just a couple so just help !!!!! ( thank you for inspiring me )

  2. also that cwote at the top is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. i love this, it so nice!

  4. I love your attitude about finishing every workout for the first months like you could do more. A great benchmark for keeping it fun in the beginning!

  5. When I'm running and want to quit i think about all those that cant do it. Not because they dont want to but physically can not. and I tell myself I run for them. Seeing this is right in line with my beliefs, I am happy to know you're out there. Many hugs to you and your family.


  6. Anyone know where your where i xan get merch? I saw a few people at the disneyland half marathon with a patch and i would love to support a great mission

    1. Hi Robby! You can get patches and wristbands by contacting Tracy Wright Burwell though the run3rd Facebook group:

  7. Hmmm i cant see the page. Any one have contact email?

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