Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Inaugural #Run3rd 5K and Our Schools

Submitted by Sean Astin @SeanAstin

#Run3rd is an idea. It's a very special act of thinking about other people and their loved ones and causes. Over the years since its creation, #Run3rd has inspired people, moved people, helped create lasting friendships and been a source of good feelings and wishes for all who happen upon it. Now, it's becoming something more…

On April 11th, I will be in Mesa, Arizona, running in the Inaugural #Run3rd 5k race. Mindy and Kris Przeor (good luck pronouncing their last name!) came to me with the idea to host an actual #run3rd sanctioned 5k. There had been a successful Virtual #Run3rd 5k, hosted by devoted #Run3rd advocates. This was not the first time and hopefully won't be the last time that the idea of an actual run had been floated. After getting to know Kris and Mindy, running in a few races together and seeing how committed they are do doing something special and doing it well, I decided to let #Run3rd become a Terrestrial event. Once you watch the piece that my friend Bob Hitchcock is producing with @RunDisney you'll see why.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sean Astin's WDW Marathon 2015 Report

Submitted by Sean Astin, @SeanAstin

I love this image. It's a classic case of how I felt not quite matching the way I looked. As far as I'm concerned, at this moment I was experiencing Nirvana.

Here, at mile 24, I'm running faster and with more energy, passion and fire than at any point in the previous 44 miles of road fun. I get that by the looks of it, I could be power walking, preparing to blow out candles, or just getting excited that I'm close to home and there may be a life altering letter from the sweepstakes people waiting for me. But your eyes are deceiving you. What's happening in this picture isn't what it seems, for 2 miles earlier I had experienced an earth shattering breakthrough.

Without getting too technical, I'd elected to do Jeff Galloway's run/walk/run method for this race, due to my previous day's calf strain. The green KT tape on my leg did its job well though and the injury was a total non-factor. Praise! Oh, due to a flap flap flapping piece, I pulled off the 3 stripes on my right leg around half way. Nothing like ripping the hair down the length of your leg to remind you what kind of pain you can endure on a journey like this. Anyhow, I got to the 13 mile marker comfortably, at roughly the same pace as the previous day's 1/2 Marathon.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Walt Disney World Marathon 2015 by Sean Astin

Submitted by Sean Astin, @SeanAstin

Walt Disney World Marathon 2015
The Dopey Challenge
48.6 Miles in 4 Days
(5k, 10k, 1/2 Marathon & Full Marathon)

I’m 43 years old for one more month and my passion for running has morphed into a full blown obsession.

In 2013, I ran 3 full Marathons. Last year I did 2. Hmm, what craziness might I get up to this year? I hope The Dopey Challenge sets the tone. Crazy? Maybe. But, as my carbon based body proceeds along its course, I have a ticket to ride, paid for with a lifetime of long distance running. The Dopey Challenge? Bring it...

First, I love Running in "Disney" events. In fact, I'm a regular, having completed 6 RunDisney ½ Marathons, with 2 Dumbo Double Dares (10k & 1/2 in the same weekend) & the prized Coast to Coast Medal (A Disneyland, CA & Disney World, FL 1/2 Marathon in the same calendar year).

The time has come for me to return to the big Park in Florida. Walt Disney World, I shall tackle the biggest event your RunDisney has to offer.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Marine Corps Marathon #Run3rd Dedication Poster

By Matt Killinder. Open in new window to enlarge and read dedications.

Submitted by Matt Killinder @MKillinder

Run3rd. When I first heard about its true meaning, it struck me to the heart. When I was growing up, Sean Astin was someone I looked up to. When he told me about #Run3rd at the Louisville Wizard Con, and shared with me that he was going to run the Chocolate 5K in Downtown Louisville, I knew I had to run too, thinking and feeling those same three dedications he runs for.

The #run3rd is like a prayer. As you run for yourself you are believing that the training will pay off for a great run, that your joints and muscles will stay strong, and so forth. When you are running for your family, you look towards them for strength, and hope the best for their well-being and safety.  Finally, running for others. Friends or strangers alike may say to you say, “My uncle just got cancer” or “I need to pass this final exam.” It’s in those times where we always hope for the best for people. It’s a subconscious prayer letting people know your thoughts are with them, and at the same time it’s a driving force that pushes you through the run.

Before Sean ran the Marine Corps Marathon, he asked people for dedications. Friends, family and strangers sent dedications via Twitter and Facebook using “#Run3rd” to Sean, and he had them compiled onto one sheet of paper. He then took that piece of paper and ran with it in his pocket during Marine Corps Marathon. It was in that moment, I felt Sean deserved something for his dedication to run for himself, his family and us. I created this poster for him as a memory to our soldiers and all the people he was running for. In this picture, the silent prayer of #Run3rd is portrayed.

“I run first for me, I run second for my family, and third I run for you…”  —Sean Astin

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sean Astin's Marine Corps Marathon Race Report

Submitted by Sean Astin @SeanAstin
October 26, 2014

Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Reese hung the #USMC “Eagle Globe & Anchor” Marine Corps Marathon Medal around my neck. It was a great day running 26.2 miles through our Nation's Capital. My official finish time is: 4:29:11.

It's way slower than I trained for, but the Sun & Wind needed to show me who was boss. I was the Official Starter for the race, an incredible honor.

The shirt I wore was given to me the day before by an Army Green Beret, Travis Myers. We were visiting at the RunDisney booth during the Marathon Expo. When I mentioned that I had read in the program about his group, he literally pulled the shirt off of his back and handed it to me. It's called Wear Blue: Run to Remember. Halfway through mile 12 the Wear Blue team came into focus. On the left side of the street, there were signs, like a realtor would use, planted in the grass. On the cardboard signs were the faces and names of the fallen. Sometimes the pictures had the Marine's or Soldier's children in their arms, or their families, or their pets.

They just kept coming, one after another after another after another. It went from beautiful, to poignant, to sorrowful, to deeply moving. At the end of the endless row of portable memorials, a gorgeous woman, Lisa Hallett, looking fitter than all of the runners jumped onto the "track" to jog a ways. She explained that her husband had died overseas and that she had three children, the youngest of whom he had never met. She kept thanking me for wearing blue and supporting the service members.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Why I #Run3rd

In January 2012, I chose to start thinking about other people. 

It was a revelation for me. I’ve always cared about my fellow man, but this time I made a big temporal decision. Truth be told, this was a spiritual moment for me; I would open up my life as a long distance runner to everyone. Running had been my hobby, my sport, my passion and my salvation long enough. It was time to share. It was time to make it about other people. It was time to make a pronouncement that my life, my joy, my pain—everything about me that is summed up with running—had to be about something bigger. It was time to dig deep and decide: what do I care about enough to announce to God, the World and Everyone that I would Dedicate my LA Marathon Race to. 

It came down to this: First, I had to place myself at the top of the list. It starts with me, and that matters. That is natural law. But, who would I die for, who means everything to me? My wife and children, without question, I chose them. But, my mission wasn’t over. Something was missing. Beyond myself, beyond my precious loved ones, who else could I stand up for? Who should I step out and without any doubt, fear or hesitation, exalt? 

The answer came to me. In fact, it came through me. Who is that important to me? 


My challenge, is to make you understand, make you trust that it's possible. One person can, yes in fact they MUST be able to hear about a life, and care enough to dedicate a piece of their heart, literally pumping and sweaty, gritty and determined, and offer a gift of life-giving circulation to that stranger's hopes, thoughts, prayers and feelings. There are many ways to love. This is one of mine. 

Therefore in January 2012 I wrote the Run3rd mission statement. It is alive and the journey of the idea has grown wings. Today, I am asking you and everyone you know and everyone you don't to make Dedications of your own. In the spirit of unity, phrase them like this: #Run3rd for {your dedication}. I will #run3rd for all of them. Anyone who wears the symbol #run3rd will be honoring all of these Dedications. 

And finally, like it or not, I will #run3rd for You.

—Sean Astin, October 16, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Registration Open for Inaugural #Run3rd 5K!

Registration now open for the #Run3rd Inaugural 5K! Click on graphic below to register for onsite or virtual race options!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 2.21.59 PM

For information on race details, volunteering and more, visit http://www.run3rd5k.com

Join our Facebook Community Page https://www.facebook.com/run3rd5k

Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/Run3rd5k

Friday, September 5, 2014

Disneyland Half Marathon race report by Tracy

Tracy Burwell gives Sean Astin #run3rd wristbands.
Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend Report
Submitted by Tracy Burwell @ATurtlesPace

Half marathon weekend was an awesome #Run3rd event! For me, it began on Friday afternoon when I arrived at the expo with fellow Captain Dawnley Burwell.  Together we explored the expo, picked up our bibs and headed over to see Sean Astin’s presentation. We got there a bit early to see another speaker, and to our surprise, Sean was sitting in the front row waiting to help another presenter! I sat in the empty seat next to him and when he turned around I got a huge smile and hug! We had an opportunity to talk for a few minutes about #Run3rd meet-ups, his training, my training, and his goals. It was pretty cool to just chat about running and ‘stuff’ with the founder of the organization that has changed my life and encouraged so many others.

Disneyland 10K Race Report by Dawnley

Disneyland 10K Report
Submitted by Dawnley Burwell @hipster_runner

When the alarm goes off at 3:30am, jumping out of bed to throw on a running costume isn't generally the norm… But when you have a group of #Run3rd-ers meeting in an hour and a 10k through Disneyland, you want to get to get up as quickly a possible! (At least I know I did!)

Mom (Tracy Burwell) and I got to our meeting spot to be greeted by a few team members and friends. Every time we started a conversation with one new member, a new one showed up! We had never seen this before and couldn't have been more pleased! It was so awesome to make so many new friends and have everybody encouraging each other before the race.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Stephanie Harris's Princess Half report

Submitted by Stephanie Harris @Steph_Harris12

My journey getting to the Princess 1/2 marathon did not start off magical, in fact, it did not end with a fairytale ending either.  A little background on this trip. As we all know, these Disney races sell out super fast, so this trip was planned about seven months in advance. My hubby, Jason (aka Prince Charming), got promoted to a new agency with the State. Awesome news indeed, what we didn't know was that he would have to go away to the academy for seven weeks and it fell during this trip. Let's just say bummed is an understatement of how I felt at possibly not having him there with me. I stressed, I panicked, I overreacted, and in the long run, he was able to come for the race, but only for 32 hours. 32 hours was better than nothing and I had no choice but to take it.

Read the rest at Stephanie's blog Collecting My Bling.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stephanie Harris's SoCal Diva Half race report

Submitted by Stephanie Harris @Steph_Harris12

I signed up for this race in February, the second month into my twelve half marathons for my 2013 race goal year. You see, I was going to be turning 40 in 2013 and I decided this was going to be my big year. I began calling it my midlife crisis year. I recruited a not so happy husband, Jason, to come along with me on my journey.

The exact location was not set yet, the only thing we knew was that the race was going to be in Southern California. The only other thing I knew was, I had to have this medal. The bling was awesome!! Plus, as a bonus, we received a tiara, boa, and glass of bubbly at the finish line. Who wouldn't want those things?  Oh yea, my husband!! He signed up with me anyways! That's true love!!

Read the rest of the report at Stephanie's Collecting My Bling! blog here.