Run3rd® Logos

Many thanks to Graeme Skinner (@Graeme_Skinner on Twitter) for his fantastic designs for the official Run3rd® logo.

The logo may be used to produce personal items such as tshirts, hats, buttons, etc.

All uses of the trademark or logo for distribution or in commerce must be approved in writing. Items with the trademark or these logos may not be sold above cost except with express written permission. Email for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: RUN3RD is registered trademark of Sean Astin, and may be used only for non-profit purposes involving encouragement of healthy physical activity, and to honor the causes, loved ones and ideas of others. The silhouette logo is copyright of Sean Astin and Run3rd.
[Where relevant and possible, this trademark and copyright notice should be included, such as on websites.]

Large version of color logo here.

Large version of black logo here.

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