Friday, April 13, 2012

How to become a #Run3rd TEAM Member

Anyone can join the #run3rd team. Just find a healthy activity—typically running, but it may also be walking, biking, swimming, etc—and start doing it!
  • Share your activities via Twitter, Facebook and other social media by using "#run3rd" to ask for and share dedications. When you receive a dedication, honor it and carry it in your heart during your activity. 
  • Join the #run3rd Facebook group at
  • Support the efforts of fellow #run3rd team members.

Certain team members may be made Captains by demonstrating their participation and leadership abilities. Their responsibilities include:
  • Sharing information about #Run3rd via Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites.
  • Tweeting about their event
    • Posting date/time/location and updates via Twitter and the Facebook group Events page.
    • Sharing Team Captain race day plans.
  • Being visible as the #Run3rd Team Captain before and after the event
    • Visiting with the #Run3rd community.
    • Sharing the #Run3rd story with others.
  • Team captains are encouraged to post race reports about their event on their own blogs or Facebook page.
Team Captains are the key to broadening the reach of the #Run3rd idea. Running is an inclusive sport and almost everyone who runs at some time or other uses their experience to honor someone or something else. Members of Team #Run3rd understand that we are custodians of people's trust and faith. When folks make a #Run3rd dedication it is often very personal and heartfelt. #Run3rd Captains are ambassadors who help promote and extend the concept of making and honoring those dedications.

Team Captains are expected to represent #Run3rd with compassion, decency and honor, always reflecting well on their fellow Team Captains and the #Run3rd mission. Failure to do so will result in removal from Captaincy.


  1. Excited to see this new blog, especially as a beginner runner! I've nominated myself (Tyzodaddy on Twitter) and am looking forward to my first 5K this May. Would love the opportunity to be a team captain so I could be part of something bigger than myself while fulfilling a personal goal. What could be more rewarding?


  2. I would love to be a Team Captain also (@CheyGirl1 on Twitter). I will be running in my first 5k this July! So excited!

  3. Just nominated myself! My first event? The Brenda Mehling Cancer Fund Fight it!5K on June 2nd!
    Then I'm going international! Clontarf Half Marathon in Dublin, Ireland July 7th!

  4. I just nominated myself as well on twitter. NONE of my friends or family tweet. But I have 5 people who are new to running (AT ALL) coming with me and running their first ever half marathon. I'm s0o0o excited I'm skipping hw and going to start working on making us a patch or a shirt or a sign for this weekend! Good luck to you all! Follow me on twitter @brandiecakez

  5. I just nominated myself as a Team Captain in the South Bay and Bay Area of California. I'm running the Pleasanton race today in memory of little Leila Fowler, a Twitter user's aunt, and my friend's father who passed away last night. After a year of running I found that it's more worthwhile to run for others! Twitter: @iRunDisney & @flowerscroon

  6. You all inspire me to nominate myself, too. After hanging out on the fringe, I'd like to take the plunge to take the next step. I'd like to captain in the St Louis area and run the St Louis Halloween race (either 10K or 13.1) costume of course :) @ccylevin

  7. I nominated myself about a week ago; I would love to be a team captain in Southern Oregon! I will be participating in Citizens for Safe Schools Run for Kids event next weekend, Color Run in Medford in August, and then most of the Disney series through Tinkerbell. @karenoakes

  8. Thank you for this opportunity. I was able to catch your Inspiration presentation yesterday at the Disneyland Half Expo. I would like to ask for the privilege to be a team Captain for the Disneyland Tinker Bell events in 2014. I have a few first time ever runners coming to the starting line in the 5k and 10k and would love to cheer and support them on. I will be running the Tinker Bell half marathon for #teamIsis and want to encourage and promote a healthy lifestyle. @FitMzDsny. Thank you for your consideration.