Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What do I do when I don't know what to do?: #RUN3rd

Submitted by Cynthia Changyit Levin

I'm a woman of action. You can see it in my blog posts as I urge people to take meaningful action to fight against poverty. Every day, reach out to Congress or help others to do the same. Every year, I raise money to provide vaccines or  education or meals or other ways to change the world for the better. When shots rang out in Newtown, I was in my senator's office the next morning talking about gun control. I advocate, I educate, I write, I organize. I fundraise. I don't like to write or talk to people publicly about a problem without offering a way to DO something to about it.

But what do I do when I don't know what to do?

What if I'm too upset or confused to see a clear path? Or, what about those times when I've already done everything I can and it just doesn't seem like enough?

That's where a virtual running club I found comes to the rescue. #RUN3rd is a running group inspired by actor Sean Astin (my favorite Lord of the Rings Ring Bearer!). In this group, people from all over the country inspire each other with messages and motivational images, quotes, etc. We choose to run not only for ourselves and our health, but we choose to dedicate every race and training run to reasons meaningful to us. #RUN3rd lives on Facebook and Twitter where you can post a dedication you care about for your run.

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  1. You have to run to stay in shape, very good blog thanks. I follow you closely.