Friday, September 5, 2014

Disneyland 10K Race Report by Dawnley

Disneyland 10K Report
Submitted by Dawnley Burwell @hipster_runner

When the alarm goes off at 3:30am, jumping out of bed to throw on a running costume isn't generally the norm… But when you have a group of #Run3rd-ers meeting in an hour and a 10k through Disneyland, you want to get to get up as quickly a possible! (At least I know I did!)

Mom (Tracy Burwell) and I got to our meeting spot to be greeted by a few team members and friends. Every time we started a conversation with one new member, a new one showed up! We had never seen this before and couldn't have been more pleased! It was so awesome to make so many new friends and have everybody encouraging each other before the race.
Team #Run3rd for the Disneyland 10K

More #Run3rders show up!
As if meeting new friends, sharing dedications and encouragement wasn't enough, our Fearless Leader, Sean Astin showed up to give us a pep talk and join our photo! He always has a way of being tender towards some heavy dedications, pumping the person up and then sending them off with a smile. After our photo, some high fives and hugs, our group of #Run3rd-ers were off to run the Happiest Race on Earth.

As many of you know, I had my hips reconstructed a year ago, and this was my first (official) 10k that I ran! I walked one in January and swore the next one I signed up for, I’d be able to run. Of course, I had my running partner in crime with me. Mom paced me and followed to make sure my form was good, and to make me slow down when I was in pain. Its great having a Kinesiologist as a mom!

Finishing mean a lot to me, because I needed to run a heart full of dedications through the Castle and across the finish line. When I’m entrusted with a dedication, I carry it with every step. During this race, I also carried my own dedication, for my friend Eddie, who recently passed away. He was always one of my biggest fans and always cheered me on! No matter the distance, he would always congratulate me as if I had run a marathon! So needless to say, my heart was a bit heavy this time, but I couldn't help but smile and know he would be proud.

Tracy and Dawnley Burwell post-race

Upon coming around the corner to the finish line, there were yards and yards of people cheering us on. How can you not power through and use that last bit of energy? We did just that…and maybe posed a little for the cameras at the end. Over the finish line we went and shared our usual sweaty hug. Its these moments that I have come to treasure most, because at that moment, were not wondering what our time was or what place we took. We are basking in a moment of joy and the accomplishment that We Did It!

Bob Hitchcock & Sean Astin taste their 10K medals for gold content.
Tasting them is a thing! :-)

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