Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sean Astin: Training for the Ironman World Championship Triathlon

Earlier this year, Sean Astin was invited to take part in the Ironman World Championship Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii, on October 10, 2015. The event consists of a 2.4 mile swim in open water, a 112 mile bike race, and a full 26.2 mile marathon.

Sean has been training in earnest for several months, and has already participated in two shorter triathlon events: the Ironman Vineman 70.3 Triathlon in Sonoma, CA, on July 12, and the Cranberry Trifest Olympic in Lakeville, MA, on August 23.

Here are some postings, videos and photos from Sean about these events and his other training regimen as he prepares for this incredible challenge.

July 12, 2015: Ironman 70.3 Sonoma, CA

Who's that guy in the California jersey? Wait a minute. It's me!!! This Sunday, I completed my first Ironman 1/2 Triathlon. That's right folks, I'm Half an Ironman, or a Halfling if you will…

It was called the Vineman 70.3 in Sonoma.

Here's the math: 1.2 mile swim -- 56 mile cycle -- 13.1 mile run. I completed it in 7 hours and 25 minutes and felt great afterward.

Have a gander at some pics taken by my friends Kris, Mindy & Eli:

So much fun!

August 7, 2015: Over Hawaii

The Field of Battle… 
My quest to complete the World Championship Ironman Kona, Hawaii Triathlon this October 10th, within the allotted 17 hours has reached a fevered pitch. Just around 60 days left to train… 
I took this snap last Sunday flying into Kailua-Kona, on the Big Island of Hawaii, then I spent 4 days cycling up and down the so called "Queen K" that loooong and undulating road you can see stretching the length of the horizon. 
This week, Paul, my bike guy from Purple Patch (more on that company and my Uber Coach Matt Dixon later), Paul, my cycling guru took me through the paces of all three disciplines, the swim, the ride and the run... Getting to train in the actual water and the very roads of the event will most certainly make the difference in my chances to succeed. He told me that temps got above 110 degrees on a run or two and on the 3 then 7 hour rides...the winds would gust hard enough to shove our bikes back and forth across the road...exciting and dangerous, but par for the course apparently. 
Well, Paul whose day job is to coach dozens of professional Triathletes into winning careers, worked really hard to help me try and discover some measure of what I'm capable of, one gem was that he gave me a key word to focus on as I approached my work, "relentless." It worked. He tried to make me smarter and tried to get me comfortable in a decidedly uncomfortable universe. Through the pains and frustration, I actually loved every second of "Hell Week." 
The word I think of now, looking at this picture, which represents a nice chunk of the 56 miles of road, that prayers be answered, I'll see every inch of twice on the out and back...the word that blankets my entire being as I take a thousand deep breaths a day contemplating the test, summoning whatever strength of body and mind I can in preparation for this 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and topped off with with a full 26.2 marathon is… 

August 19, 2015: Redondo Beach, CA

"While this may not be the most flattering pic, it represents a truly triumphant moment for me. I've been training hard in the pool for months, but the open water has been giving me da nerves… On this day, I beat back the demon and got it done! Special thanks to Coach Gerry and everyone at Tower 26 for taking great care of me!!!"

August 23, 2015: Cranberry Trifest, Lakeville MA

September 2, 2015: Malibu, CA

"T-Minus 37 days until I compete in the Ironman World Championship Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. I haven't been sharing much of my training, because I've been too busy training. But, today was a milestone, so I just uploaded this update video. There is a hypnotic quality to watching nothing but a guy swimming, I chose not to add music or anything. Anyhow, I hope you like it.

‪#‎Run3rd‬ for believing in yourself and dreaming big!!!"

October 7, 2015: Kona, Hawii

"Finally, I'm in Kona, Hawaii. My Ironman Championship Triathlon is just 4 days away. This morning's workout with Team Purple Patch wasn't easy. But, I'm feeling pretty determined. ‪#‎Run3rd‬ for readiness…"

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