Tweets are ephemeral. Share your most important and heartfelt #run3rd dedications in the comments section and they will last for a long time.


  1. #Run3rd for @SeanAstin who created this wonderful way to share what matters to us.

  2. I run for and with my wife this weekend at Disney’s half marathon. She has worked so hard to get to this point. Every day she motivates me to be a better husband, father, and son. I am truly blessed to be a part of her life. #Run3rd

  3. Seth Machak was a perfect stranger whose story touched my heart...he lost his battle on Saturday February 23...I learned of his passing as I waited in a line at the Happiest Place on Earth...I ran my Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon for Seth...
    Seth Machak of South Hadley MA was admitted to the hospital for what everyone thought was a flu and some difficulty breathing, within hours he was on a ventilator in ICU fighting for his life. During this time his family decided to ask family and friends to do random acts of kindness and let them know what that did. The family read these acts to Seth and watched Seth's heart rate stop racing and lower to a more desirable rate. Seth fought for five days but on Feb. 23, 2013 he went to his new home in heaven.

    Keep giving of yourself, encourage your children, families and friends to just reach out to someone and with "Sethness" hold a door open for someone, buy a cup of coffee for the car behind you, make cookies and drop them off at the fire creative...let your goodness shine. These acts help keep Seth's memory alive and his family enjoys hearing about you and what you did. A simple kindness you do for another person; just because.

  4. After completing two 1/2 Marathons,I am so excited to run my first 5K tomorrow !! Cassidy's Crusaders is to benefit an sweet 8 month old girl who has been diognosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome,a rare genetic disorder. She will need to undergo 15 more surgeries in the future. All proceeds and pledges from this first annual race will benefit Cassidy and her family !
    I will be proudly wearing my #run3rd logo for Cassidy !!!

  5. I don't run but I volunteer at a food bank and through my job. I dedicate every project I work on to my lovely wife,Lori,who lost her 3 year battle with uterine cancer 20 May 13. She was and always be my light.