Run3rd Mission Statement

Why Do I Run?

I’ve been long distance running for 25 years. It is one of the most rewarding physical activities imaginable. It is hard. It is painful and it is fun. It confers legitimacy on my day. It makes me feel alive. Simply stated, I love running and I love running far. Above all else, running is selfish. Therefore…

1st I run for me

My family waits for me. My family listens to my stories from the road. My family has faith in me. My family loves me, trusts me and depends on me. My family is patient. My family is strong. Therefore…

2nd I run for my family

While running is in many ways about solitude, I rarely run alone. My thoughts are always with me. My hopes, my fears, my dreams, they come along too. From start to stop I yearn to understand the greater meaning of my journey. With every beat of a runner’s heart, with every pounding step, life itself is affirmed. And so, it costs nothing, yet can mean everything for any runner, for me, to make a simple dedication, to say that these steps I am taking are not mine to own. It means something to me to declare that because I am alive and I care for others…

3rd I run for YOU

Tweet a dedication for someone you love, a cause you believe in or any positive statement with the hash tag #run3rd.

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—Sean Astin, Actor/Runner, January 21, 2012


  1. This is agreat video. Thank you @SeanAstin for #run3rd. Or a family I am proud to be a part of.

  2. #run3rd is such a supportive and inspirational group. I'm so proud to be a #run3rd captain. Thank you for your vision and encouragement to everyone.