Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Heather's Santa to the Sea race report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

Guess Who's Back?

Who knew running would be my greatest teacher?  (NOBODY!!!!)
Who knew I would be too stubborn to learn? (EVERYBODY!!!! )
Look, if you know me at all (and most of you do… but if you don’t read my other blogs then you will), then you will know that patience is not a virtue I possess when it comes to myself.

Find a parking space, don’t worry I’ll drive around.
Wait in line, I can do it patiently.
Get over an injury – HELL TO THE NO!

Read the rest on Heather's stRUNg out blog here.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Joe's Jingle Bell 5K race report

Submitted by Joe Passarelli @Joe85963835

OK, so the Jingle Bell 5k Run/Walk for Arthritis is a huge success!! From November 2 in Marshall, MN to December 24th in Kuwait City it has or is being run at over 100 cities with over 150,000 participants! So far the Jingle Bell  Run for Arthritis Foundation, the largest fundraising run/walk campaign ever has raised $7,309,021 to find a cure!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stephanie's National Nurses race report

Submitted by Stephanie Harris @Steph_Harris12

Inaugural National Nurses 1/2 Marathon, October 13, 2013

In keeping with my 2013 goal of completing one half marathon per month, I needed a race for October. The race I had originally chosen was out of the question according to my husband. We had ran a different race earlier in the year who's course was very similar to the October one. So, here I was in search of a new October race when I had already mapped out my year of races.

I came across the Inaugural National Nurses Half Marathon and 5K series that was going to take place in Las Vegas. I thought this sounded perfect since it was local for me and no traveling was involved. This has been a year full of traveling for many different races. Initially wasn't too excited about this race when I saw how hilly it was. I'm a chicken when it comes to hilly races. So, my search of an October race continued.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Heather's Nike Women's Marathon race report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

It's Not You, It's Me.

Dear Running,

We need to take a break.  Believe me this is not what I want, but I have to look at a couple of very important lessons that you taught me.

  1. Be a little bit selfish
  2. Take care of yourself

So, that’s what I’m going to do.

I want to thank you for our last Hurrah! The Nike Women’s Marathon was AWESOME!

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introducing the Run3rd Running Club, aka R3RC!

Welcome to the #Run3rd Running Club aka R3RC!

The founding premise of this running club is that in addition to focusing on ourselves and our immediate families, this earliest type of exercise can also be a meaningful form of self expression. When members “#run3rd for others” they carry the dedications of loved ones and causes with them as they journey on the road. The primary purpose of the club is to utilize social media to share details about our training and race performances. The group will primarily organize around the members’ Twitter feeds, but will also live on our Run3rd blog and Facebook page.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the club offer formal training or coaching? 
No formal training is being offered. R3RC is a club, not a training program or a paid coaching program. Several of our members do train with a coach or other formal training program.

Do you have to be fast to join? 
No. Our members run the gamut on fitness and speed levels from newbies to elite runners. There are some that run marathons and some that have never run a race and have no desire to.

How large is the club? 
The R3RC is still in the start up phase.  Unofficially we have about 200-300+ members on the Facebook group with some much more active than others.

Do you have to live in a certain area to be a member? 
No.  The club is for now mostly a Twitter campaign and Facebook group.  Many of the races our members do are virtual.  We also encourage you to sign up for local races to represent #Run3rd and post about them!

Does the club travel to races? 
Not formally. Occasionally small groups of members have traveled to marathons, half marathons and other runs together, but nothing official.

What distances do the club members run?
Everyone is at a different level.  We have members that walk as many feet as they can and we have members who run many miles and everything in between!  In terms of races, some members do not race while others run distances from 5k to full marathons.

Can I join if I have never run before or new to running?
Yes.  Many of our members are new to running!  We encourage you to seek advice from your doctor before starting or modifying any exercise routine.

How do I learn more about the club?
The best way is to check out the Facebook group at https://facebook.com/groups/Run3rdRunningClub/ and follow Sean Astin @Run3RC. There is also the #Run3rd blog at http://run3rd.blogspot.com and the general #Run3rd Facebook group at https://facebook.com/groups/run3rd. This group focuses more on events and general support.

I joined The Run3rd Running Club Facebook group, am I a member of the club?

How much are dues?
There are currently no membership dues.

How is #Run3rd changing from what it’s been in the past?
The training club is just in the beginning stages, so for now not much is changing. We are looking at getting better organized. We also are looking at the idea of having a running club option in addition to the Twitter campaign and general Facebook group.

For more information, contact Cheyanne Witte via email at CheyGirl1R3RC@gmail.com or on Twitter @Cheygirl1 .

Monday, September 23, 2013

Linda's EAS Distance Classic 5K race report

Jodi, Kelli, Sean, me and Phyllis
Submitted by Linda Iroff @LindaofNote

Well that was unexpected!

A week ago, I didn't think I'd spend Sunday morning in a park in Grove Port, OH, at a race with #run3rd team leader Sean Astin, fellow captain Kelli Shrewsberry, her mom Phyllis, and team member Jodi Scott. But let's back up a bit…

Last Tuesday it was announced that Sean Astin would be attending Wizard World's Ohio Comic Con in Columbus that coming weekend, September 21-22. That's only a 2-hour drive from me! So I quick like a bunny made arrangements to head there for the weekend.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Heather's Disneyland Half Marathon race report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

Suck it up, Buttercup!

I’m a little worried I’m going to upset some folks with this blog, but just a little. Although I had a wonderful weekend with my friends, I didn’t L-O-V-E my Disney Half Marathon experience and it’s all my fault. I went in to this weekend unprepared physically, emotionally and attitudinally.

It’s simple. I don’t love Disney races.   I know, you’re all gasping in horror! WHAT?! How can you not love the Disney race? Running through the park! Awesome T-shirts! Multitudes of BLING!

This is all I can say; it’s not really my thing. I will attempt to explain MY feelings about this knowing that how I feel is not indicative of the race or experience I could have and should have had.

What I should have done is sucked it up, instead I simply sucked.

Read the rest at Heather's blog: stRUNgoutrunner.com.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stephanie's Dumbo Double Dare race report

Submitted by Stephanie A. Harris @Steph_Harris12

I first learned about the Dumbo Double Dare [Disneyland 10K plus half marathon] at the 2013 Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon. I never gave it a second thought, it was totally out of the question. 19.3 miles, are they crazy? I was perfectly happy with my 13.1 miles and just getting use to doing those.

As my husband and I sat around the supper table with a great group of runners listening to stories of their races, my good friend Heather piped up and said "You should do it!" I thought to myself, yeah right! After a couple text messages and a Facebook message from Heather, I decided I was doing it. I recruited my husband against his will. He was already unhappy with me that I had added him to my crazy year of completing one half marathon a month. Registration day came and I found myself sitting at the computer waiting for it to open up. I kept refreshing the screen until it was time. Done, two Dumbo Double Dare registrations and a single 10K registration for my daughter. My wallet screamed at me. It had officially become a family event.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tracy's Pasadena Half Marathon Report

Submitted by Tracy Burwell @ATurtlesPace

I have run many races since becoming a #run3rd captain, all worthy of a race report. Unfortunately I sometimes have great ideas that don't get onto paper due to my attention deficit. But the Pasadena half marathon was so intense, so HOT, and so heartfelt, there was no way I couldn't write about the experience.

It all started out quite normal! We arrived prepared for the forecasted heat wave conditions. My daughter @hipster_runner was running the 10k and me the half. We were both sporting team Run Sparkle skirts and #run3rd patches. I also had a race belt full of hearts with dedications on them!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Magic High Five

Submitted by Cindy Levin @ccylevin
Originally posted here.

Up high! Put 'er there! Don't leave me hangin' :)

There, I've just given you a high five today. Whatever you're trying to do, consider yourself encouraged. Lots of times, we give high fives when something awesome happens like Neil Patrick  Harris does on How I Met Your Mother, but today I'm talking about the kind of high fives you give a runner on a marathon race course. I call that a Magic Five.

A Magic Five is one given when someone is doing something hard and running out of steam. That ineffable transfer of energy from one human to another. Maybe it's Chi? I don't know. But I do know that there is a palpable burst of energy and resolve that results from someone making a gesture to say "Way to go. You got this. I believe in you." It could be a fist bump like the Obama's, sure, but I'm clumsy and might end up clocking the very person I'm trying to encourage. However it's given, everybody needs them whether they are trying to set a personal best in running or advocating to change the world.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Heather's SF Marathon Race Report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

Running for the Hills!

When I was training for the marathon, I didn’t want to sign up for a race. I was worried that I would be too exhausted. Then I won an entry to the Hollywood Half and then someone talked me into San Francisco.

San Francisco was a race I really wanted to do for a variety of reasons.
  1. I was born there.
  2. You can run the full marathon, the first half of the marathon or the second half of the marathon.
  3. If you run the first half you get to run over the Golden Gate Bridge.
So I signed up for the first half of the marathon. I signed up and made a plan to go visit my Nonnie and run with some lovely folks from my gym…

Read the rest at Heather's stRUNg Out blog!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Lupe's San Francisco Marathon race report

Submitted by Lupe Steele @LupeSteele

My thoughts on the San Francisco Marathon

Each run has its own special experience and meaning.  It is common to feel a little queasy about each race.  That has been the way most of my races have played out over the past 6 years. This race was different. This time it was about the experience and I was going to be open to whatever came my way. To my surprise, I had an absolutely perfect morning in the City by the Bay.

I was particularly tickled by the realization that Sean Astin would be participating in the race. This was my event; it was in my area and I wanted my fellow #Run3rders to have a wonderful time. For our fearless leader, it was a 26.2 race against the hills of San Francisco. While I didn’t want to admit it, I was a bit nervous. I wanted him to enjoy his time in San Francisco as much as I’ve always enjoyed SF growing up.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Linda's Park 2 Park 5K race report

Why You Shouldn't Let a Little Rain Stop You

Submitted by Linda Iroff @LindaofNote

The Park 2 Park 5K is a race I almost didn't run. The weather had been looking iffy for a few days, so the first things I did when I got up early that Sunday morning was check the radar. What I saw was not encouraging. The leading edge of the rain had not yet reached my house, but some pretty widespread yellows and reds were making a bee-line for the race location. I had done some training in light rain before, but never anything like this. And at 5:30 in the morning, there was a strong temptation to just crawl back under the covers.

If it had been just me to consider, I would have done so. But I'd made a commitment: I was running for my fellow #Run3rd Team Captains who would be shortly heading out for the San Francisco Marathon, and for all dads on Fathers Day. I thought of Sean Astin, determined to run a full marathon in hilly San Francisco despite his problematic IT band. I thought of Christina Boulard, who quit smoking over a year ago and started running. I thought of MaryEllen Long, for whom even a few steps is a trial, but she is doing her best. I thought of all the other runners and walkers I've met through #Run3rd, who keep going despite health issues, injuries and a multitude of other obstacles. This is just a little rain.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What do I do when I don't know what to do?: #RUN3rd

Submitted by Cynthia Changyit Levin

I'm a woman of action. You can see it in my blog posts as I urge people to take meaningful action to fight against poverty. Every day, reach out to Congress or help others to do the same. Every year, I raise money to provide vaccines or  education or meals or other ways to change the world for the better. When shots rang out in Newtown, I was in my senator's office the next morning talking about gun control. I advocate, I educate, I write, I organize. I fundraise. I don't like to write or talk to people publicly about a problem without offering a way to DO something to about it.

But what do I do when I don't know what to do?

What if I'm too upset or confused to see a clear path? Or, what about those times when I've already done everything I can and it just doesn't seem like enough?

That's where a virtual running club I found comes to the rescue. #RUN3rd is a running group inspired by actor Sean Astin (my favorite Lord of the Rings Ring Bearer!). In this group, people from all over the country inspire each other with messages and motivational images, quotes, etc. We choose to run not only for ourselves and our health, but we choose to dedicate every race and training run to reasons meaningful to us. #RUN3rd lives on Facebook and Twitter where you can post a dedication you care about for your run.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Linda's Fur Fun 5K race report

On  April 28, I participated in my 3rd #run3rd event in for the 3rd weekend in a row, the Love-a-Stray Fur Fun 5K. As seems to have become customary for my races, the weather was overcast, chilly and damp. In fact, there was a good bit of drizzle and light rain, though the heavy rain held off until nearly all the awards were given out after the race!

There was a pre-race expo with dogs of all sizes to pet and doggie products to buy. (I have no dogs, just a ferret!) I unexpectedly ran into a colleague from work, and we hung out and wandered around together until time for the race to start.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Summer's Diva Half Marathon SF race report

Submitted by Summer Irby @SummerRunDisney

#Run3rd Diva Style

This was my very first official, unofficial #run3rd race. As I mentioned in my Princess Half recap I have done #run3rd dedications before, but this was the first time I asked for others to give me dedications and got them!! Each request was so personal and so inspirational so I really wanted to help share their stories and that is what I hope to do here.

I set my alarm for 5:35, which was a nice change from the 2:30 I usually set it for runDisney races, and woke up just before it went off. I got up and dressed and with my #run3rd post-it in hand I was ready to head out to the start line.

Read the dedication for each mile at Summer's blog, Running with Pixies…

Kelli's Cap City Half Marathon race report

Submitted by Kelli Shrewsberry @Connect2TLC

All I Really Need to Know About Running a Half Marathon I Learned in Kindergarten

1. Play Dress Up

This was only my second half marathon. My first was the Disney Princess, which now has set the bar of “dress up” for races. I must fully admit that I am not typically a Princess-type of gal—but I think I can now officially say that I have harnessed my inner princess! The outfit I choose seems to have new meaning with each race I am running. While I wasn’t in full creative princess dress up mode this race, I was very excited about my new blinged up #Run3rd skirt! So, yes… I play dress up (and I LOVE it!).

2. Wait patiently in line…

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Linda's Earth Day 5K Race Report

Snow pellets caught in spider web.
Submitted by Linda Iroff @LindaofNote

Boy I sure know how to pick ‘em—the days for 5Ks that is! If anything, the weather was even colder for the Oberlin Earth Day 5K on April 20 than it was for the Run for the Red the previous Saturday. In fact, two hours before the race started there was a bout of snow flurries and snow pellets!

By race time, it looked like the sun was going to come out, but the wind blew a fresh set of dark clouds overhead, making it a darned chilly run. Still, I had home-court advantage: the race started at Tappan Square, a 13 acre park in the center of town with an approximately 1 km circumference, and my favorite place for training. The course itself wound through a quiet residential neighborhood, a nice easy trip with no hills.

Click for supersize panoramic view!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Linda's Run for the Red Race Report

Submitted by Linda Iroff @LindaofNote

It was one of those cloudy, cold, dreary, damp days when you just want to stay in bed. But with a sheet full of #run3rd dedications to put in my back pocket, I was motivated to get up, get dressed, get a photo and head out for the Run for the Red 5K in support of the local Red Cross chapter.
Now when I say it was damp, I mean VERY damp. Recent downpours caused flooding near the original start location for the race, so it was moved further north along the Black River to the appropriately named Steel Mill Trail. (The race was sponsored by US Steel.)

That's not a pond, that's standing water in the woods!
The turnout was small, about 150 runners, and those who weren’t jogging to warm up waited in their cars until near to start up time. The path followed the river, crossing it twice before the turn-around and return trip. I’d recently been adding a bit of jogging to my walking, and during training was rather disappointed in how short a distance I could go before running out of breath. I found though that during the race, I seemed to be able to go a little further. I tried experimenting with how I held my body and how I breathed to try to increase my stamina. I kept my eye on the young woman a couple hundred yards ahead of me. I never did catch up to her, but I made sure she didn’t get so far ahead that I lost sight of her!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Brandie's Santa Cruz Half Marathon Report

Submitted by Brandie Garcia @BrandieCakez

Santa Cruz Half Marathon, Sunday April 7th, 2013

I’m woken up by my boyfriend Mike bright and early at 5 am and the first thing he does is kiss me and say “Happy Birthday-Eve,” roll over and cuddle him for “just FIVE MORE minutes,” like I begged of him until he pushed me out of bed and urged me to get a move on it. I hadn’t had a chance to get to packet pick up before the race, so we had to head to Santa Cruz early in order to make sure I had enough time to get my packet. Happy Birthday Eve to MEEEEE

Cheyanne's Hollywood Half Marathon race report

Submitted by Cheyanne Witte @cheygirl1

I decided to run the 5k at the Hollywood Half Marathon awhile ago. I am originally from Southern California and I go back there on occasion. Back when I decided to start running my father told me that running a 5k was on his bucket list and wanted to come out to Colorado to run one with me. I decided to pick the Hollywood Half and make a family vacation out of it. About a month before the race my dad found out that the stent he had put in after his heart attack had to be replaced. He went in to the hospital but the artery was too far closed to put one in. But the doctor told him he was doing much better than expected and gave him the okay to still run!

After spending a night in Las Vegas and a couple nights with family we checked in to our hotel. We decided to stay at the Sheraton because I wanted to be close to the Expo and they gave me a better discount than the Hilton! After checking in my oldest daughter and I decided to go check out the Expo while my husband and my other 2 girls went to the pool.  It was fun walking around looking at everything and my daughter got so excited about the race she decided to sign up right then. I was so excited that we would have 3 generations all running together! I let my daughter wear my Sean Astin signed #Run3rd hat! We decided to walk over to Universal City Walk for some food and fun!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Heather's Hollywood Half Marathon race report

Captains Cheyanne Witte, Lupe Steele,
Heather Stewart and Leah Gutierrez before race.
Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

Last Minute Races: A stRUNg out Confession

Okay, I’ll admit it. After the LA Marathon I was jubilant. I was proud. I was, let’s face it, a bit of a braggart. I ran an EFFING MARATHON people!

But, like every addict, there comes a point where you come down from the high. I needed to know where my next fix was coming from. I gave in and signed up for a half marathon this June, but that didn’t seem soon enough.

Then through the magic of Social Media, the answer came to me in the form of a post…

Read the rest of the story here!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lord of the Rings star Sean Astin joins Vancouver Sun Run

Lord of the Rings star and avid long distance runner Sean Astin has signed up to run The Vancouver Sun Run on Sunday, and will be wearing a Boston jersey in homage to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Goonies actor will arrive in Vancouver Friday for the Fan Expo at the Vancouver Convention Centre on the weekend.

He contacted Sun Run organizers to register when he found out about the race and its plans to commemorate the Boston terror attacks Monday that left three people dead, including an eight-year-old boy, and more than 170 injured.

In an interview Thursday, Astin said he’s always saddened when there is violence, but the attacks hit him hard because of his close ties with the running community.

“I just skipped over shock and went straight to fury,” he said. “Since then I’ve just been running hot … so when I found about (The Sun Run) on social media, well, I just wanted to be a part of it.”

Astin, who has run the Los Angeles Marathon four times, said he was excited to be running in Vancouver, a city he knows well having filmed here several times. He’s hoping for a 10 km time of about 57 minutes.

“I am just so damn proud to be running with thousands of Canadians, it just melts away all the anger (about the bombings).”

Astin said he has many friends in this country, and in his experience they’re always banding together to help others.

“When bad things happen you can always count on Canadians to demonstrate a show of support,” he said. “That’s what I love about Canadians, they are always visibly caring about each other. And that’s what we need, to double down on caring about each other.”

Astin is part of an inspirational running campaign called Run 3rd that encourages people to “run first for me, second for family, and third for a you,” or a cause that helps people.

In Astin’s case, he’ll be running for his wife and three daughters. He’s also planning to run the San Francisco Marathon this summer, if he isn’t too busy shooting a film.

The 42-year-old actor, director, voice artist and producer is best known for his film roles as Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Mikey Walsh in The Goonies. He also appeared as Lynn McGill in the fifth season of 24.



Thursday, April 4, 2013

Around the Bay Road Race 5K race report

Submitted by Christina Boulard @ChristinaBWho

Oddly, it took me until the night before the race to get excited about it. You see, I'm not where I'd hoped to be in my running journey. I mean, it's been almost a year since I started! So because of that, I was really just very 'meh' about this—my second—race. I'd decided to start again at the beginning and go back to walking exclusively. My calf pain just got to be too much when I tried to run, so to strengthen them slowly and safely, walking seemed best. The night before my race, I realized that that meant no pressure on me, and that's when I started to get excited!

I woke early the next morning. It takes me FOREVER to wake up and I wanted to be bright-eyed and busy-tailed for the start line. My boyfriend drove and my 5 year old was singing in the back seat as we tried to find a parking spot. It took AGES to find one! Who knew that 13000 runners and 12000 spectators would need so much parking?!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shamrock'n race report

Submitted by Sarah Diamond @Voxpax2

Feeling lucky?

As my socks gently asked "feeling lucky", at that particular moment I honestly didn't know. I call myself lucky, I'm Irish and on this day we are suppose to celebrate our heritage. In all the times I have had a chance to celebrate it here in vancouver, I never have. This year was going to change :)

I arrived at the running site, and there was so much green. Not only is it my favorite colour, but to see everyone else wearing it made me happy. The exercises began and at one point our leader tried the one-leg up and she wobbled. I was really muttering to myself but I quite by accident said it a bit too loudly for my neighbour to hear: “Wow people are drinking already?”

She laughed and when I realized she had heard I laughed and lost my balance.

“Looks like someone has already started” she replied.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Laura's Sandy Hook Virtual/Firefly Actual 5K race report

Submitted by Laura Lawson @GrammaHobbit

March 23, 2013: Sandy Hook Run for the Families Virtual 5K, Firefly Actual 5K, Plano Texas

For anyone newly venturing into the world of race events, walking or running, I would highly recommend searching out family-friendly events.

This was my 3rd event, and I chose the evening Firefly event for the convenience of the time as well as how interesting the go-for-the-glow theme sounded.

I was not disappointed. Arriving several hours prior to racetime, it was really fun to see in the increasing darkness the variety of race outfits that people had come up with for the run. Head to toe, with wings and hats and every manner of costuming, the crowd really did "glow"and twinkle and shine!

Because this was a family event, there were groups and individuals of all ages, many kids, a lot of highly decorated strollers and quite a few dogs!

I really enjoyed the atmosphere and the fact that for this race I was not time-chipped and there had been no "dire warnings" that you might be "swept up" if you did not maintain a suitable pace. (For me, the pressure that I put on myself to do my best is enough!)

The music before the race had the crowd dancing and having a great time and certainly getting warmed up in the 50 degree evening air!

Blogs about #Run3rd

The concept of #run3rd has gotten a lot of attention recently from other runners. Here are some recent blogs about Sean Astin and #run3rd.

January 26: Run Third (#run3rd) by Amy Smith

February 23: Run Disney And #Run3rd: A Great Combo For Making Dreams Come True by Beth Barbara

February 27: Sean Astin’s Run3rd: A Global Movement Developed With Love by LosillĂ«

February 28: iRun for me, family, you. #run3rd by Carrie Burrows

March 3: 2013 Princess Half—The Race Dedication by Julie Franklin

March 4: Sean Astin is the Lord of Running by Fitz Koehler

March 5: Why Do You Run? by Jessica Urgelles

March 7: I #Run3rd for Them by lovemymoos

March 12: Thoughts on #Run3rd by Angi Lanciano

March 20: An Interview With Sean Astin by Heather Montgomery

March 20: My #run3rd Mission for the USO by Ashley

[Let me know if I missed any and I'll add to the list!]

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Linda's Sandy Hook Run for the Families race report

Submitted by Linda Iroff @LindaofNote

Before I began my virtual 5K Sandy Hook Run for the Families, I confess I was feeling angry and frustrated. Angry and frustrated over the rush to purchase weapons and ammunition following the tragedy of December 14, 12012; over the unabated gun death toll in the past 3+ months; over the cowardice of our legislators and their inability to do anything meaningful about it, especially compared to the bravery of the teachers and administrators at Sandy Hook School who gave their lives to protect the children.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Heather's LA Marathon Race Report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

Finding My Joy Part 2

I’m having a really rough time writing this.  I just have SO many emotions regarding finishing my first full marathon that I’m not sure where to start. So, I apologize for the length of this post, but I feel like I have to listen to the King from Alice in Wonderland and “Begin at the beginning… and go on until I come to the end: then stop.”   Funnily enough, that’s just what we do when we run… we go until we come to the end…

I’m not sure when I decided I was truly going to do a marathon. Apparently, I’m the catalyst for my friends signing up. (I remember this as a group decision, but I’m sure that’s not the case.) I wrote a blog somewhere in the first year of my journey to lose weight and one of the goals was: “I want to run a marathon (in theory).” When that turned in to a reality, I’m not entirely sure.

But it did.

Ditto and I decided we would sign up for the LA Marathon. It’s one of the premier marathons in the US and it showcases Los Angeles and the cities beautifully with its “Stadium to the Sea” course. The race begins at Dodger Stadium, runs through famous cities and landmarks like Hollywood Blvd., the Sunset Strip and Rodeo Drive, and ends at the Beach. So, when registration opened in October of last year, we signed up and committed to a training plan. Very soon the third member of Team Ditto, Sue, joined us.

Read the rest of the story here…

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lupe's Race to the Row report

Submitted by Lupe Steele @LupeSteele

I wasn’t really supposed to run in Race To The Row 408K; it was a last minute decision. My sister and her in-laws were participating in the event and she asked if I could join. In addition to doing pretty much whatever my big sister tells me to do, I figured it would only be fair to run with her and her in-laws since she’d be joining me for the Hollywood Half in April. The Race To The Row started at the HP Pavilion (where the San Jose Sharks play) and it ended in Santana Row, an upscale shopping/residential area of San Jose that’s made to look like a gorgeous and elegant town in Paris… with a Gucci, Best Buy and Wahoo Fish Tacos.

Tony's Princess Half Marathon Race Report

Tony Conticello's Princess Half Marathon 
RUN3rd Race Report

Submitted by Tony Conticello @RunDisney56

Throughout the year runDisney puts on endurance races with different themes and spotlighting various Disney characters.  For many lady racers the Princess Half Marathon in February is the Ball of all runDisney events.  The creativity and expense that goes into some of these racing costumes is second to none.  After all, how often does one get a chance to transform into their favorite Disney Princess all weekend long, run 13.1 miles through Disney World and get special royal treatment the entire time.

2013 happened to be a special year for the Disney Princess Half Marathon, which celebrated its Fifth Anniversary.  This makes the race special because Disney creates a special commemorative medal every 5th year of a Disney endurance race, and also pays special honor to all legacy racers.  A legacy racer is someone that has participated in all of a particular race. There were 365 Perfectly Princesses or Princes running the race. Each of them got a special Sash and Tiara – here is a picture of a Perfect Princess and Perfect Prince.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kelli's Princess Half and Pi Day 5K race reports

Submitted by Kelli Shrewsberry @Connect2TLC

It’s funny. I’ve started to write a race report at least three times now. I’m not sure what’s holding me back—at first, I think it was race let down. I had just completed my first half at the Princess Half Marathon and was back in Ohio with the arctic cold blast. It could have also been the race reports written by other captains—inspiring, amazing stories—and I wanted to do mine justice!

So now, as I sit at my computer, I have that “energetic race day feeling” that will last me all year long…so, let me explain.

My First Half: Disney Princess Half Marathon

Thursday: Just Mom & I
If you haven’t eaten at Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge, get there next time! It was great to just spend some time with my mom before our other princesses arrived—and the atmosphere here is amazing! In fact, this is where my #Run3rd photo challenge began. I heard someone talking about Hidden Mickey’s, and I love this about Disney. So, I wondered how many “Hidden 3’s” I could find for #Run3rd around the parks while we were here. I wanted to keep reminding myself that while I was having a blast at Disney—I was here for something else too-something bigger than me. I had a lot of #Run3rd dedications to think about!

Here is the light at Sanaa above our table--it had a three (sometimes you have to look at things differently) and so the challenge began!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Color Run San Francisco race report

Submitted by Brandie Garcia @BrandieCakez

Saturday morning and I'm waiting for Emily and Christina to get to my house by 8:15 so we can leave for the city for our run at Candle Stick Park. It's 8:18 and Christina shows up and tells me that Em just woke up. So we hop in the car and drive over to the next town to pick her up.

Both girls have an injury that Doctor's orders prevent them from running, but allow them to walk. I agree to walk the race with them; initially, Christina was my personal #run3rd dedication going into this 5k. Christina had gone to pick up our packets and shirts and she made sure that I got one of my favorite colors (teal or orange) as my color.

We were finally the next wave of people to go and the announcers helped to drown out the comments. The thing that I love the most about color runs is that they're just FUN. The events coordinators do such an amazing job. While you're in line waiting to go, the people commentating throw out goodies to the racers from wristbands, to frisbys, to drawstring backpacks, shorts, shirts, and sweatshirts—I'm telling you all the swag they sell they're throwing out for free! I got a wrist band from Emily before the race began, I thought that was really nice of her to pass off something she caught to me. It brightened my mood.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Hot Chocolate 5K Race Report

Submitted by Laura Lawson @GrammaHobbit

My First Actual 5K Race!

In December 2012, I walked a virtual 5K for Sandy Hook. This was a very special effort for me and, as races go, a good toe-in-the-water entry into the world of races.  I knew that I was in for a very different experience with my next race.

The Hot Chocolate 5K in Dallas on February 9, chosen as much for my love of chocolate as to honor my 17 years co-managing a chocolate store, began two days before the race with a 4-hour stint as a volunteer handing out race packets. With no prior experience to draw from, I figured that this would be a good way to check out the area and to begin the mental assimilation into this new territory!

We all know what runners look like. Lean, streamlined, healthy, efficient-looking race-ready bodies! Well, the reality is that there is no stereotypic racer. I passed out race packets to people of all ages, shapes and temperaments. Who would have imagined that the older woman working next to me walked marathons! Appearances did not predict ability!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Another post-Princess interview

"There's nothing bad about running." 

"My friends call me a 'medal lady-of-the-night.' …  I run for the hardware, man!'"


Friday, March 1, 2013

Brandie's Princess Half race report

Submitted by Brandie Garcia @BrandieCakez

Reflections on the Princess Half 
and Getting my Coast to Coast

Travel: I woke up Friday morning at 4 am which gave me just enough time to clean up my mess from packing the night before. Got my puppy Koda up, walked, fed and some extra one-on-one cuddle time before I left. I’ve always maintained that if I ever were to become homeless, I’d leave the Bay Area. Why? Well, because the cold here is bone chilling! I’d much rather take negative degree temps in Colorado than anything under 50 degrees at home. Needless to say I was leaving home looking slightly like an Eskimo and I had shoes and socks on (this is a big deal because being a California girl I am for the most part in flip flops or bare foot). My best friend Keira and her mom came to pick me up. I said goodbye to my 90 year old grandparents who wished me luck and told me they knew I could win!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Andrea's Pasadena Rock n Roll race report

Submitted by Andrea Barber @andreabarber

6:30 AM: It is dark and cold in the parking lot of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. I, my friend Cory, and #Run3rd Captain Extraordinaire Sean Astin are all huddled under a heat lamp in the media tent. It's 46 degrees out! (New Englanders, don't laugh.) Sean and I are standing on chairs to get closer to the heat. Sean is telling us all about his new vegan diet, which I gotta admit is fascinating and admirable. I also must admit that I have learned more about nuts and legumes than I ever wanted to know. : ) Sean asks what my projected finish time is for this race.  NOPE, NO WAY. Not falling for this trap again, Astin!!  You see, Sean and I have had this ongoing bet ever since the Hollywood Half last year. He continuously underestimates his finish time, and then he continuously runs 6 minutes faster than me. It doesn't matter how fast or slow I run - Sean will inevitably run 6 minutes faster. Sean mentions that he is hoping to finish in 2:30 based on his Tinkerbell time. I mentally make note of this, but do not give away any hints about my projected finish (which is actually about the same - 2:30).

Heather's Pasadena Rock n Roll race report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

I Love It When a Plan Comes Together.

The Pasadena Rock 'n' Roll Half was a culmination of many plans coming together:

1. This is my final training “race” before the LA Marathon (LAM). I will run more and longer distances, but this is the last race.

2. Organizing when to pick up my bib, when to get to Pasadena and where to park was a plan in itself!


3. There was finally a solid plan to meet up with some #run3rd Captains. Andrea and I had made “plans,” if that’s what you can call them, at two different races, and Disney races are crazy places to try to do meet ups, plus this would be my first opportunity to hobnob with our fearless leader!

Is #Run3rd a Prayer?

Is #Run3rd a Prayer?
Sean Astin @Sean Astin

Yes. No. Maybe.

#Run3rd is an invitation to people of all faiths or no faith at all. The basic premise is that we naturally put our own needs first. This is markedly different from most religions which place God above everything. Therefore, #run3rd is not intended to be a formal prayer; rather it is an exchange of sorts between people.  The #run3rd dynamic does, however, carry some important similarities to praying. The essence of a #run3rd dedication is an outward sharing of some piece of our self. There is no substance other than an impulse to include others in something special that we feel. Its only tangibility is the backlighting of characters on a Twitter screen, and the notion that somehow we are being seen and heard and appreciated.

When someone asks for dedications, three key dynamics are in play. First, a person requesting that others make dedications is acknowledging that it is right and good to value other people. Second, they are offering to be a repository of sorts for the sanctity of other people’s concerns. Third, the absence of any financial or other contribution places this offer in a unique category strongly resembling prayer. Many faith teachings convey that absorbing the pains and hopes of all beings is critical to achieving heightened spirituality. In this way, the time and consideration that goes into asking for and making #run3rd dedications is an exercise in sentient communication.

Hopefully, the person who makes or places a #run3rd dedication in the Twitter sphere feels something very positive about trusting a little piece of themselves to others. Likewise, the person who reads the many #run3rd dedications should feel a sense of pride and nobility for the privilege of taking the emotional weight of those people’s feelings on board. Carrying the thoughts, hopes, dreams and yes prayers of others, in their minds and hearts, even physically printing them out and toting them in a pocket, completes the #run3rd cycle.

The question becomes, does it matter? If no money is being raised for charity, if there is no doctrinal expectation of providential intervention, then why make #run3rd dedications and why accept those that are made into our consciousness?

The answer is… because. Because the currency of a #run3rd Twitter dedication is the hope or good feeling that comes from knowing that a piece of ourselves is being transmitted to and perceived by others, and that potentially, that act alone will be beneficial in some way. It is a salutation of sorts among mostly strangers in the ether. It’s a type of gesture that can be made that says, for a moment in this busy world, I see you, I note the existence of you and your loved one or cause, and it means something to me. It says I hear you and I accept you. It says that what’s important to you, counts with me. Prayers may derive great power from the collective will of those praying and perhaps in its own way, either with or without the express invocation of God, #run3rd does too.

And it’s hard to work into the body of this text, but the word LOVE deserves a mention!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fort Langley 10K race report

Submitted by Sarah Diamond @Voxpax2 

What do you say when you have accomplished something you never thought might be possible? “Horse poop and Wedgies.”

Now I know what you might be thinking: How does she come up with that? Well it’s all in the experience of running that perhaps someone out there might understand, or perhaps I am just that unique.

This was my first 10k official run ever. I had just attempted a 12 miler the day before for training and was wondering if I had overdone it just before a run. I had my doubts, but nope, this in some way was the best thing that could have happened. It gave me the idea of the length, and of course a 10k was half of the distance and so the run seemed that more easy to do.

Sean's Pasadena Rock n Roll Half race report

Submitted by Sean Astin @SeanAstin

What? Back in Pasadena only a few short weeks after the Rose Bowl Half?? But why? Simple, I re-discovered at the last minute that even though I had known about it but had forgotten about it, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series was in town… and as I looked closely, saw that they hand out some bitchin’ medals at their races.

This was my first Rock ‘n’ Roll race, but it will absolutely not be my last. And now, most importantly, many people, more than usual lately in fact, had made sincere and heartfelt #run3rd dedications. I wanted to honor them in the way I am accustomed to. And so, as it turned out, even though I knew it but had stupidly forgotten, TWO count them TWO #run3rd Team Captains, @andreabarber and @captainstewie would be leading the way through the famed streets of the New Year’s Rose Bowl Parade. Of course, the brilliant #run3rd Team Captain @Leahmari11 was also on hand to REPRESENT!!! Plus, there were the simultaneous international exploits of @Voxpax2 in Canada. It just had to happen.

So, I popped into the expo on Saturday and coincidentally happened into an old friend Bob Babbitt who I met many many years ago at the Malibu Mini-Triathalon. On that day my trainer, Kurt Broadhag and I were privileged to team up with 8yr old Rudy Garcia-Tolson. He swam, I ran and Kurt biked. The thing is that Rudy is a double amputee. I carried him from the ocean to the bike area. Such an inspiration. He’s an old old man now [not really, he's 24!], a sponsored triathlete and everything. [Read more about Rudy and Sean here.] Well, Bob and I met back up in Pasadena and had lots of fun.

Reflections on #run3rd

Sean Astin @SeanAstin

For over a year, people have been making very unique, very special and often very personal “Dedications” for their loved ones, using Twitter and the #run3rd hashtag as a vehicle. But now, the hashtag #run3rd has begun to transcend the medium that gave it life. Whether it’s written with a sharpie on someone’s arm or leg or printed on a sign pinned to a runner’s shirt, the hash tag #run3rd has become an emblem of sorts.

I’ve grown quite fond of the look of it as an object in its own right. It sounds silly, but I genuinely like the way the # sign sets it off and the letters r-u-n and r-d surround the always mystical and numerologically curious 3. The #run3rd silhouette is unique, distinctive, even beautiful. When it’s embossed on a hat or glimpsed streaming on someone’s ‘mentions’ strand, #run3rd has become a beacon. Like all symbols that humans use to convey meaning, #run3rd instantly evokes from those in the know, a specific emotional pulse.

Here’s a test. Take a quick look at the hashtag: #run3rd. While it is unassuming, it clearly means something real and positive. The letters alone would be too bland and random to grab the eye, but together in this way, they are somehow confident in their meaning. In fact, #run3rd has it’s own very distinct identity. For me, #run3rd is synonymous with hope, caring for others and perhaps even selfish pride in our own capacity for empathy.

Beyond these profound qualities and embedded in the #run3rd iconography is an expectation of the addressee about the “Dedication.” These heartfelt requests were first directed at me, personally of course, but then organically expanded to include any receivers of the #run3rd “Prayers” if you will. That is to say that, anyone who read the #run3rd twitter strand and decided to reflect on, think about, respond to or even include the wishes, dreams and requests in some way, even for a moment, became owners of the dignity and purpose of the messages.

Formally, #run3rd Team Captains and loyal well wishers (be they runners or no) and ultimately all who accept the “Dedications” on some level into their hearts as they head out of doors are the mortar that bind these determined and righteous hashtag characters together.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sean's Tinker Bell & Rose Bowl Half Marathon race reports

Sean at Tinker Bell Half
Submitted by Sean Astin @SeanAstin

Ok, here’s the story. I ran the Tinker Bell Half Marathon on January 20. So, why should I run the Rose Bowl Half in Pasadena just a week later??? Simple: vanity!

I’ve been watching the #Run3rd idea blossom and grow. As each new Team Captain comes on board I feel more and more inspired. Hence, I feel the excitement to run in races to keep in lock step with the Team.

I missed several months due to injury and now I seem to be back in the swing of things. As usual, I don’t do things halfway. I jumped in with the New Years 5K after having precious few miles under my belt. Then I had to bail out of the Walt Disney World 20th Anniversary Half/Full Marathon weekend due to work here in LA. As good fortune would have it, the Tinker Bell Half came along and I was able to jump right in. [See more photos here, and videos here and here.] My time was slooowww (2:26:51), but it felt great to finish, and to have Team Captains Heather Stewart and Lupe Steele on hand! My Achilles held up nicely and my new approach to diet seemed to be working as well. I ran on Monday a few miles, and then (on the advice of a Boston Marathoner I know) took the whole week off.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Disney Family 5K race report

Submitted by Linda Iroff @LindaofNote

The Disney Family 5K at Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend was the first big event I’ve been to (we’re talking 10,000 runners vs few hundred!) as well as the first time I’ve run (well mostly walked) with my daughter Joy. It was also her first race ever, and she'd not even trained for it!

The whole thing was a total delight!! Well the getting up at 4am sucked a little, as well as trying to choke down some food while still half asleep, but Joy and I managed to dress ourselves (wings & tiara for her!) and catch the bus to the starting area.

It was dark and chilly and in our general confusion we missed finding fellow #run3rd Captain Tony Conticello and the rest of the Pacebook Running Club. :-( Fortunately we had gotten the chance to meet Tony and other members of the club the evening before, and also met up Sunday evening after the full Marathon.

Surf City Half Marathon race report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

Sometimes I have to remind myself why I do this. Running is by far the most frustrating thing I’ve ever done. I am asking my body to do something it doesn’t always want to do. I am pushing myself past the point of exhaustion until I can’t go any further and then I keep going.  I’ve changed the way I eat, the way I sleep, the way I spend my time.

And sometimes I wonder, for what? I can’t seem to get faster. I can’t seem to lose any more weight. Running often reminds me of what I can’t do.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Chilly Chase 5K race report

Submitted by Sarah Diamond @voxpax2

The Chilly Chase is exactly what it set out to be with chilly, raining and absolutely beautiful Vancouver weather (at least from a local’s point of view).

Today I had decided I was going to push myself. It was the first time I was using a running app on my phone. I have been using RunKeeper to keep track of how many miles I run and the time it takes me. It has its advantages and disadvantages but perhaps not in the way you might expect.