Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introducing the Run3rd Running Club, aka R3RC!

Welcome to the #Run3rd Running Club aka R3RC!

The founding premise of this running club is that in addition to focusing on ourselves and our immediate families, this earliest type of exercise can also be a meaningful form of self expression. When members “#run3rd for others” they carry the dedications of loved ones and causes with them as they journey on the road. The primary purpose of the club is to utilize social media to share details about our training and race performances. The group will primarily organize around the members’ Twitter feeds, but will also live on our Run3rd blog and Facebook page.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the club offer formal training or coaching? 
No formal training is being offered. R3RC is a club, not a training program or a paid coaching program. Several of our members do train with a coach or other formal training program.

Do you have to be fast to join? 
No. Our members run the gamut on fitness and speed levels from newbies to elite runners. There are some that run marathons and some that have never run a race and have no desire to.

How large is the club? 
The R3RC is still in the start up phase.  Unofficially we have about 200-300+ members on the Facebook group with some much more active than others.

Do you have to live in a certain area to be a member? 
No.  The club is for now mostly a Twitter campaign and Facebook group.  Many of the races our members do are virtual.  We also encourage you to sign up for local races to represent #Run3rd and post about them!

Does the club travel to races? 
Not formally. Occasionally small groups of members have traveled to marathons, half marathons and other runs together, but nothing official.

What distances do the club members run?
Everyone is at a different level.  We have members that walk as many feet as they can and we have members who run many miles and everything in between!  In terms of races, some members do not race while others run distances from 5k to full marathons.

Can I join if I have never run before or new to running?
Yes.  Many of our members are new to running!  We encourage you to seek advice from your doctor before starting or modifying any exercise routine.

How do I learn more about the club?
The best way is to check out the Facebook group at and follow Sean Astin @Run3RC. There is also the #Run3rd blog at and the general #Run3rd Facebook group at This group focuses more on events and general support.

I joined The Run3rd Running Club Facebook group, am I a member of the club?

How much are dues?
There are currently no membership dues.

How is #Run3rd changing from what it’s been in the past?
The training club is just in the beginning stages, so for now not much is changing. We are looking at getting better organized. We also are looking at the idea of having a running club option in addition to the Twitter campaign and general Facebook group.

For more information, contact Cheyanne Witte via email at or on Twitter @Cheygirl1 .

Monday, September 23, 2013

Linda's EAS Distance Classic 5K race report

Jodi, Kelli, Sean, me and Phyllis
Submitted by Linda Iroff @LindaofNote

Well that was unexpected!

A week ago, I didn't think I'd spend Sunday morning in a park in Grove Port, OH, at a race with #run3rd team leader Sean Astin, fellow captain Kelli Shrewsberry, her mom Phyllis, and team member Jodi Scott. But let's back up a bit…

Last Tuesday it was announced that Sean Astin would be attending Wizard World's Ohio Comic Con in Columbus that coming weekend, September 21-22. That's only a 2-hour drive from me! So I quick like a bunny made arrangements to head there for the weekend.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Heather's Disneyland Half Marathon race report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

Suck it up, Buttercup!

I’m a little worried I’m going to upset some folks with this blog, but just a little. Although I had a wonderful weekend with my friends, I didn’t L-O-V-E my Disney Half Marathon experience and it’s all my fault. I went in to this weekend unprepared physically, emotionally and attitudinally.

It’s simple. I don’t love Disney races.   I know, you’re all gasping in horror! WHAT?! How can you not love the Disney race? Running through the park! Awesome T-shirts! Multitudes of BLING!

This is all I can say; it’s not really my thing. I will attempt to explain MY feelings about this knowing that how I feel is not indicative of the race or experience I could have and should have had.

What I should have done is sucked it up, instead I simply sucked.

Read the rest at Heather's blog:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Stephanie's Dumbo Double Dare race report

Submitted by Stephanie A. Harris @Steph_Harris12

I first learned about the Dumbo Double Dare [Disneyland 10K plus half marathon] at the 2013 Tinker Bell 1/2 Marathon. I never gave it a second thought, it was totally out of the question. 19.3 miles, are they crazy? I was perfectly happy with my 13.1 miles and just getting use to doing those.

As my husband and I sat around the supper table with a great group of runners listening to stories of their races, my good friend Heather piped up and said "You should do it!" I thought to myself, yeah right! After a couple text messages and a Facebook message from Heather, I decided I was doing it. I recruited my husband against his will. He was already unhappy with me that I had added him to my crazy year of completing one half marathon a month. Registration day came and I found myself sitting at the computer waiting for it to open up. I kept refreshing the screen until it was time. Done, two Dumbo Double Dare registrations and a single 10K registration for my daughter. My wallet screamed at me. It had officially become a family event.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tracy's Pasadena Half Marathon Report

Submitted by Tracy Burwell @ATurtlesPace

I have run many races since becoming a #run3rd captain, all worthy of a race report. Unfortunately I sometimes have great ideas that don't get onto paper due to my attention deficit. But the Pasadena half marathon was so intense, so HOT, and so heartfelt, there was no way I couldn't write about the experience.

It all started out quite normal! We arrived prepared for the forecasted heat wave conditions. My daughter @hipster_runner was running the 10k and me the half. We were both sporting team Run Sparkle skirts and #run3rd patches. I also had a race belt full of hearts with dedications on them!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Magic High Five

Submitted by Cindy Levin @ccylevin
Originally posted here.

Up high! Put 'er there! Don't leave me hangin' :)

There, I've just given you a high five today. Whatever you're trying to do, consider yourself encouraged. Lots of times, we give high fives when something awesome happens like Neil Patrick  Harris does on How I Met Your Mother, but today I'm talking about the kind of high fives you give a runner on a marathon race course. I call that a Magic Five.

A Magic Five is one given when someone is doing something hard and running out of steam. That ineffable transfer of energy from one human to another. Maybe it's Chi? I don't know. But I do know that there is a palpable burst of energy and resolve that results from someone making a gesture to say "Way to go. You got this. I believe in you." It could be a fist bump like the Obama's, sure, but I'm clumsy and might end up clocking the very person I'm trying to encourage. However it's given, everybody needs them whether they are trying to set a personal best in running or advocating to change the world.