Monday, September 10, 2012

Devil Dash 5K Race report

Submitted by Cheyanne Witte @CheyGirl1

I had been wanting to get in shape for awhile with little motivation. I heard about the Couch to 5K Running Plan and decided to give it a shot. It was going very well and then I heard about Sean’s #Run3rd campaign. It really got me more excited than I had ever been. The best part about it has been meeting others like me and getting their encouragement along the way.

The first 5k I had planned on running in unfortunately didn’t happen because I was scheduled for surgery on my arm shortly before the race. I was very disappointed but more determined than ever to make the second one I had signed up for.

On September 1st I ran my first 5K in Lyons, CO at the annual Devil Dash 5K Obstacle Mud Run. That morning  I was very nervous and excited about how I would do. I had already decided I would not worry about time at all, especially since this was not the type of 5K where time was important. It was all about simply surviving! I think I did very well! At least I didn't come in last! It was the most fun and hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Everyone there was having a blast and looking forward to the Beer Garden of Eden at the end of the race! This was my first race but it definitely will not be my last! I plan to keep running 3rd for others and helping to spread the message!

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  1. Now THAT is a mud run photo. I signed up but couldn't attend because I had an injury a few days before the event. Ended up being on the side line and it was just as fun. People that day were great. Positive attitudes, good vibes and lots of energy. I imagined doing the mud run with smooth treadmill but knew it was nowhere near the potential experience. lol how embarrassing.

    Sad what happened to this years devil dash with its flood.