Thursday, January 17, 2013

Allstate Half Marathon race report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie
Me, Ditto and Sue  aka “Team Ditto” for the 2013 LA Marathon

As human beings we are constantly growing and changing. In babies and children we see these changes every day: the baby is a little heavier  or your 8 year old is losing baby fat.  But in adults it’s a less noticeable thing. When I started training for my first 5k in November of 2010, if you told me that in a couple of years I would be training for a marathon, I would have laughed in your face for about 30 minutes.

Now, it’s not so funny.

Half Marathons have now become training runs for the 2013 LA Marathon on March 17th. For training I do a “long, easy run” each weekend. A half marathon is the shortest of those long runs. HOLY <insert expletive here>!

This has been such a natural transition for me, I didn’t even notice the change from “OMG, I’m running a half marathon!” to “It’s only 13 miles.” The change was imperceptible. But it happened. So much so that I almost forgot to ask for dedications on twitter! But I managed to get a few in.

On Sunday January 13th, I ran the Allstate 13.1 in LA.  This was such a great race and you could tell that MANY people were utilizing this race as a training run for the LA Marathon. It started in Venice Beach, CA and ran along the coast, through Marina Del Rey past Dockweiler State Beach and then U-turned back to Playa Vista.  Here’s how my race went!

I didn’t feel well all morning. There can be a few reasons for this. I’m trying VERY hard to be more cognizant of what I’m putting in my body. I’m taking different vitamins and eating MUCH differently.  I want to lose weight and get faster and more fit. I’m pretty sure taking fish oils on an empty stomach is a BAD IDEA!

I don’t think I’m eating ENOUGH before a race.  I’ve changed up my habits and have stopped eating power bars, switching to wheat tortillas with peanut butter. I think I need a few more calories.

I’m getting nervous. I just want to run well. I’ve put on about 30 pounds since my lowest weight and I know this extra baggage is slowing me down.  I know I will be behind my running buddies, Sue and Ditto, but I don’t want to be THAT far behind. I decide to eat a couple of shot blocks before the race and then I try to hit up the bathroom, but the race is about to start sooooo, I just run.

And wouldn’t you know it… Running is actually making me feel better at this point. We’re running along the Venice Strand and multiple homeless people are yelling expletives at us. There are police officers on bicycles to keep us safe just in case…and then one falls off his bike. He wasn’t going fast and pops right up, laughing with his partner, but I can’t help but yell, “I SAW THAT!!!”

About 30 seconds later I see some folks who I recognize from a Facebook Running Group I’m in. I’ve never met them, so I turn around to say HELLO and trip over my own feet and fall down. Can you say, “Karma”? I get up, dust myself off, say hi to my peeps and start running again.

I’m running awesome. In fact, I’m keeping up with one of the pacers. I’m pretty sure it’s the 2:45 pacer, which is about my pace and I feel good.  They’re not wearing a sign so I ask, “What time are you pacing?” The answer:  2:40

At Mile 5, I’m on pace to PR, in a big way.  I’m actually running AHEAD of the pace group. I feel awesome! Then I have to pee.  DOH!!! So I stop for about 2 minutes (there was a line) and get back on the road. I can see the pacers ahead of me so I get moving and catch up to them… but wait, this is the 2:50 group.  I need to haul buns!!!

I never did catch up with them, but I felt strong until  about Mile 9, when my toe started to hurt (this is a new weird injury that happens approximately Mile 10 every time I run that far since mid-December) but I keep on keepin’ on with the goal to stay between the two pace groups!

I did my 6 minute running, 1 minute walking intervals.  I did NOT look at my Garmin during the runs and my mantra was, “Just 6 GREAT minutes, Heather!” And although I felt a bit heavy and tired at the end, all in all, it was an awesome race! My 3rd fastest time! 2:46:58

After last week’s dismal training run, I really needed a great run to up my confidence and this race did it!

On January 13, 2013, I ran
1st for me—TRAINING RUN!!!!
2nd for my family—Ditto and Sue have to train too!!!
And I #run3rd for:

  • Those in the North Country who are digging out of a blizzard @praeriedikter
  • For warmer weather @voxpax2
  • For persons with disabilities that face discrimination on an almost daily basis @praeriedikter
  • For MaryEllen’s brother’s health @MaryEllen9064

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