Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Heather's Disneyland Half Marathon race report

Submitted by Heather Stewart @captainstewie

Suck it up, Buttercup!

I’m a little worried I’m going to upset some folks with this blog, but just a little. Although I had a wonderful weekend with my friends, I didn’t L-O-V-E my Disney Half Marathon experience and it’s all my fault. I went in to this weekend unprepared physically, emotionally and attitudinally.

It’s simple. I don’t love Disney races.   I know, you’re all gasping in horror! WHAT?! How can you not love the Disney race? Running through the park! Awesome T-shirts! Multitudes of BLING!

This is all I can say; it’s not really my thing. I will attempt to explain MY feelings about this knowing that how I feel is not indicative of the race or experience I could have and should have had.

What I should have done is sucked it up, instead I simply sucked.

Read the rest at Heather's blog: stRUNgoutrunner.com.

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