Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introducing the Run3rd Running Club, aka R3RC!

Welcome to the #Run3rd Running Club aka R3RC!

The founding premise of this running club is that in addition to focusing on ourselves and our immediate families, this earliest type of exercise can also be a meaningful form of self expression. When members “#run3rd for others” they carry the dedications of loved ones and causes with them as they journey on the road. The primary purpose of the club is to utilize social media to share details about our training and race performances. The group will primarily organize around the members’ Twitter feeds, but will also live on our Run3rd blog and Facebook page.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the club offer formal training or coaching? 
No formal training is being offered. R3RC is a club, not a training program or a paid coaching program. Several of our members do train with a coach or other formal training program.

Do you have to be fast to join? 
No. Our members run the gamut on fitness and speed levels from newbies to elite runners. There are some that run marathons and some that have never run a race and have no desire to.

How large is the club? 
The R3RC is still in the start up phase.  Unofficially we have about 200-300+ members on the Facebook group with some much more active than others.

Do you have to live in a certain area to be a member? 
No.  The club is for now mostly a Twitter campaign and Facebook group.  Many of the races our members do are virtual.  We also encourage you to sign up for local races to represent #Run3rd and post about them!

Does the club travel to races? 
Not formally. Occasionally small groups of members have traveled to marathons, half marathons and other runs together, but nothing official.

What distances do the club members run?
Everyone is at a different level.  We have members that walk as many feet as they can and we have members who run many miles and everything in between!  In terms of races, some members do not race while others run distances from 5k to full marathons.

Can I join if I have never run before or new to running?
Yes.  Many of our members are new to running!  We encourage you to seek advice from your doctor before starting or modifying any exercise routine.

How do I learn more about the club?
The best way is to check out the Facebook group at and follow Sean Astin @Run3RC. There is also the #Run3rd blog at and the general #Run3rd Facebook group at This group focuses more on events and general support.

I joined The Run3rd Running Club Facebook group, am I a member of the club?

How much are dues?
There are currently no membership dues.

How is #Run3rd changing from what it’s been in the past?
The training club is just in the beginning stages, so for now not much is changing. We are looking at getting better organized. We also are looking at the idea of having a running club option in addition to the Twitter campaign and general Facebook group.

For more information, contact Cheyanne Witte via email at or on Twitter @Cheygirl1 .

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  1. I think this is a pretty cool idea,Sean. I wish I was in better shape to actually run an event...