Friday, May 24, 2013

Linda's Fur Fun 5K race report

On  April 28, I participated in my 3rd #run3rd event in for the 3rd weekend in a row, the Love-a-Stray Fur Fun 5K. As seems to have become customary for my races, the weather was overcast, chilly and damp. In fact, there was a good bit of drizzle and light rain, though the heavy rain held off until nearly all the awards were given out after the race!

There was a pre-race expo with dogs of all sizes to pet and doggie products to buy. (I have no dogs, just a ferret!) I unexpectedly ran into a colleague from work, and we hung out and wandered around together until time for the race to start.

The start of the race was a bit of a challenge. There were about 500 runners and a couple dozen dogs, and no attempt was made to sort the starters by pace. The track narrowed a hundred yards or so from the start line, resulting in some stumbles and trips as people tried to pass each other and dogs leashes got entangled. Fortunately, there were no major spills, but throughout the race (my first with dogs on the course!) I found it advisable to keep an eye on the pups with their sudden tendency to cross the path to check out interesting smells! "SQUIRREL!" :-)

The course led from the local high school through a neighborhood and into some lovely woods. A few signs of spring were finally appearing: batches of daffodils and a few green buds and shoots, but spring was definitely slow in arriving this year.

As I had the previous two weeks, I added some short bursts of running to my walk, and finished with a good time (though not a PR). No medals or ribbons this time, but just as rewarding were the Bruegger's Bagels, fresh oranges and the mini-massage waiting after the finish line!

Plus the tech tee shirt is darned cute!

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