Monday, October 5, 2015

Ironman Kona #Run3rd Dedications

On October 10, 2015, I will participate in the Ironman Championship Triathlon in Kona, Hawaii. I will wear the #Run3rd logo all 140.6 miles of the journey. As I swim, cycle and run, the dedications that you all have made and continue to make will come with me. Thank you all so much. I #Run3rd for you.

Much love and respect,

kstevens73 Please #Run3rd for my niece, Mara, who has Downs Syndrome and is on the Autism Spectrum. She turns 13 this month.

wendylynnes Please #Run3rd for my strong & incredibly brave Mom who is fighting breast cancer. And all who are fighting breast cancer.

kaysifajardo Please #Run3rd for my best friend with Leukemia

carachapel Please #Run3rd for all the poor families and friends of the people killed at Umpqua Community College.

danielle_dunn04 Please dedicate this #Run3rd to my sister @sallycarswell02! She lost her very long battle with cancer almost 2 years ago and her passion in life was helping children! Even when she was in horrible pain she was planning ways to get toys to sick kids at local hospitals! ♡♡♡♡ #Run3rd

bexoutdoors Please #Run3rd for my brother @thebatsam who we lost two years ago to heart failure. Even though he spent his whole life being disabled , he never once complained and ALWAYS thought of others first.

maddie.harnden please #Run3rd for my mom, who is going through a rough time right now

dlubunyz #Run3rd for little man Gage

jaysnacks #run3rd For autistic persons everywhere. Both my boys are autistic and face new challenges all the time. Thank you, @seanastin xx

shainamarie531 Please #Run3rd for my mom who was diagnosed with cancer a month ago.

carolinewrites Please #Run3rd for my aunt with multiple myeloma.

balancingmommy Please #Run3rd for an Ironman friend recovering from a serious bike accident. Please #Run3rd for a young teen friend battling leukemia.

rningrid Please #Run3rd for all of my pediatric oncology patients and their families who go through more struggles than we will ever know.

cswanfitness Please #Run3rd for those who battle type 1 diabetes. Thank you @seanastin God bless you:)

nickibugg Please #run3rd for my mom starting her 3rd round of chemo @seanastin you're truly amazing

iaiavzla Please #run3rd for my friend who had her baby at 27 weeks and are fighting strong at the hospital. @seanastin good luck!

noelledawes Please #run3rd for the March Of Dime thank you @seanastin love you and God bless you

tiggerwannabe #Run3rd for crazy strong mother in law that has been battle different bouts of cancer for almost ten years now

jtsanders #Run3rd for my aunt Gail with ocular melanoma

Loreen Pantaleone #Run3rd for The K9 Hero Portrait Project - this organization was founded on the principle of painting portraits of K9 Heroes with the emphasis on those killed in the line of duty. The portraits are given to the partner at no charge. Thank you.

Carmen Pedroso #Run3rd for me! It's my birthday today, and one of my birthday presents will be to meet you next month at MegaCon.

Danika Taylor Amott Really? You're the best ever! I have is for Alden Amott who is our little "Rudy", we just adopted him two years ago and he has been through more abuse than we can imagine, then 12 different foster families. He can't put 3 plus 1 together but, he can tell us every rule of football and wants to play so badly. Please #run3rd for healing his heart and hoping that he can get on to help a team somewhere as a helper. This is him at last night's game.

Danika Taylor Amott And, my next is for my Ana. She has a rare, life threatening disease and we're finding out more as we go. is our little blog for her friends and neighbors who ask about her. Please #run3rd for her. And, healing her heart is physical, rather than emotional.

Kimi Shields #Run3rd for me and all those suffering from one of the rarest and most disabliing conditions in the world. Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva. It's one in two million. There are only around 800 known cases in the world. I haven't let it stop me though. I am a college graduate seeking employment despite my limitations

Kim Matis Friedlander #Run3rd for Liam and his family

Renee Lillie #Run3rd for UCC - the victims, their families, their community #UmpquaStrong #IamUCC

Tammy Spence Trauger #Run3rd My name is Tammy Spence Trauger, In memory of my beautiful sister, Natalie Stephens who passed at the tender age of 42. A wonderful mother and wife, will always be in our hearts. Thank you very much Sean Astin.

Jennifer Batchelor DeFranco #Run3rd for Michelle Nuckles who is a 35 year old friend of ours who was recently paralyzed from shoulders down after an accident. They were set to adopt a second baby the week after the accident. Please also include her husband and their 3 year old adopted son.

Laurie Weiner #Run3rd, Sean you are the dedication. You give so much back to society, this Ironman is for you! Have an amazing time. I will be cheering for you from Ohio! Show them how it is done!

Becca Crowley Please #Run3rd for the cancer patients I treat. Some we put through hell to try to save their lives and some we can only hope to reduce symptoms. They are an amazing group and I wish people knew some of their stories but it would be morally wrong (and illegal!) to tell. And if you have another spare moment please run for my colleagues as well. It can be a tough job, especially treating kids. Thank you! I will be thinking of you next weekend.

Arianna Caponi Ben This is a beautiful thought, dear Sean,so thank you indeed. Could you please add, if it's possible,for the people in need which i work for : #Run3rd for every people in needs, strugglin' their battle not only for their life, but also against bullying. A giant battle, and a bright victory on Life. Thank you Sean, you are really a beautiful person and i wish you the best and also..Run3rd for you! Best of luck

Megan Crawford Hi Sean, please run for our son little John. You know my husband John, he was Beecake's drummer until he moved here to the States from Scotland after we married. Little John is 3 years old & at 9 months he was diagnosed with a spinal condition called Transverse Myelitis. This was brought on by the flu virus. He went from being paralyzed from the neck down to what you will see on Sunday in Fort Lauderdale, as we will be there. He doesn't walk (yet!) but his neurologists believe he will with time and physical therapy. You have been an inspiration to me for many years & admire all you do

Rachael Bird #Run3rd for Rachael Bird and her son Coby who had Autism. He has had challenges beyond what I can comprehend and I'm so proud of him and he is who I Run3rd for!! He is 13 and you met him at the Disneyland 1/2 weekend. Thank you for being so open and willing to take your time to talk to everyone, Run for us and our causes and show us how to make others a priority as well as our families!!!! We will be praying for you and your amazing accomplishment

Shiloh Strawn #Run3rd If you would, please run for the memory of my grandmother, Marjorie Ledbetter. She passed away last month due to vascular dementia. She was a strong-willed woman who loved her family to the very end. It was hard to see her go downhill so quickly, but I know she's in a better place now. She would have been 86 this month.

Shanan Davidson Sean, will you please #Run3rd for Carolyn Rimpson and for the people who knew her, loved her, and called her friend. Carolyn was 61 and had some disabilities, but it did not stop her from loving her job & caring for her elderly mother before she passed. My step-daughters worked with Carolyn and along with other coworkers became concerned that she did not show up to work. She always called her job a few hours before and never missed a day. Sadly, everyone's worse fears were realized when her body was found a few days later in an abandoned house, two blocks away from her home. If the ability to inspire others would help you during this triathlon, I guarantee that you would be moving at the speed of light. Do doubt about it..YOU GOT THIS! Thank you!

Amanda Fincham #Run3rd for my mom, Joyce Fincham. ..she's battling lung cancer and is recuperating from major surgery. ..she had part of her lung and part of her paricardium (around the heart) removed too. She'll start chemo soon as well. Thank u and good luck Sean!
Penny Fay #Run3rd please run for me Penny Fay and my family. We have tough times ahead for us. Thank you, you are an amazing man.

Dawn M. Nelson #Run3rd for the amazing Sean Astin I love your strength and power. #Run3rd for my sister Beth. Breast cancer. #Run3rd for Lillian Nelson just diagnosed at the age of 8 with type 1 diabetes

Maile Alegria #Run3rd for you, Sean Astin, for your tireless dedication to others and things you believe in. Take time for yourself and good luck!

Ravenna Neroon Sean. Please #Run3rd for our First Responders. You know me. My shield brothers and shield sisters are hurting. We just lost another one of our own. It would mean a lot if you kept us in your thoughts. Be Well. I know you'll rock this.

Jenine Bell #Run3rd Jon Lavallee, my uncle, who died from complications of Lyme disease. My mother, another uncle and grandpa have also been diagnosed. There are many undiagnosed cases and many suffering due to this disease. It is very hard to diagnose and is a great pretender. It can mimic so many different diseases. Thank-you!

Allison Steinberg #run3rd for all who participate in Team in Training to fight cancer, all those who can't participate because they are fighting something, no matter what it is, and for the Goonies who never say die!!! GOOD LUCK IN KONA!!!

Gabrielle Burong #Run3rd for YOURSELF!! All the best for your big day. As you take time to reflect on others I too will take time the night before your race to pray for you x

Deborah Andoetoe Sean, please #run3rd for my daughter Krystin who is having cervical fusion surgery on the 13th of October. This is the result of severe whiplash (car accident) on a person with genetic hypermobility (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) often referred to as being double jointed.

Susan Haskett Glover #Run3rd for Team MR8!

Shirley Newman #Run3rd for my teammate and friend Rob Winter who is fighting colon cancer with everything he has in him.

Heather Niles Children's Tumor Foundation Massachusetts Neurofibromatosis. This is the disorder I was born with. #Run3rd

Angeca Jolley #Run3rd for my dear friend Kathy who passes one week ago from cancer and to all of your fellow Goonies who adore you!! You got this!!!

Andrea Milman #Run3rd. Please run for everyone here in NC and our neighbor state, SC for all those who will be affected by the historic rain event we are experiencing right now, and the effects of Joaquin have not even started. Thank you! Kick butt!

Bethany Proudfoot #Run3rd for all those children who are in slavery, sex trafficking and abusive situations. Run for those who are in the field actively helping rescue those out of these situations.

Christina Spindler Berta #RUN3rd for me and have a wicked awesome time!

Teresa Maher #Run3rd for one of my dearest friends who lost her husband to cancer this past Wednesday. We will be attending his funeral on the 10th. Will be praying for strength and endurance for you Sean!!

Rebecca Kane Carrell #Run3rd for my dad Tom Kane. A good man in every sense of the word. Heart disease took him too early, but he is by my side in everything I do.

Kelli Gartner #Run3rd for the Root River Rollers who are with you in spirit!

Carrie LeBrescu Ross #Run3rd in memory of my mom, Cathy LeBrescu, who lost her battle with cancer in April 2010

Carol Perry #Run3rd Sean, please run for those suffering from Huntington's Disease as many in my family have.

Anne Darnell-Ashburn #Run3rd for the women of Pink Phoenix Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team from Portland, Oregon.

Julie Lewis Richardson #Run3rd in memory of our brave daughter, Jennifer Nigro, who passed away last Nov. from pancreatic cancer. #Run3rd for my mom in law Carol Elgin who is battling esophageal cancer. Thank you, Sean. Have a great race!

Nicole Wangen Sean...I am in my 19 year fighting Lupus (SLE). Please run for Lupus. This horrible disease can attack anytime, anywhere. Been hospitalized enough times for my whole family. Not to mention the number of times I was close to death. Good luck on this amazing journey & keep us posted!

Sarah Hanisko #run3rd for our military spouses. We always need the support of our neighbors and right now one I assist with the Red Cross is dealing with a massive post surgical infection, a 2 year old and her husbands command will not release him from deployment.

Elizabeth Tom Stuart #Run3rd October is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month - so, for all the couples and families who have had to endure this grief and loss, that they may receive comfort, peace, and hope. Thanks, Sean, for bringing us into your personal journey through this time!

Wendy Morgan #Run3rd for all that are battling cancer. Thank you. God bless

Molly Maka Please #Run3rd for my friend Barb who was diagnosed with cancer. Good luck! We will be cheering you on from here!

Justen Staudinger My Sister Amanda Staudinger Just finished her last radiation treatment this past week

Kirsten Bartlett #Run3rd please in memory of my daughter, Zoe, and for all the children fighting cancer. Sept was childhood cancer awareness month. But I'm not sure many were aware of that.

Laura Crouch #Run3rd Please run for me Laura Crouch and my grandfather Don Crouch, I was diagnosed with Autism since the 1st grade and I have to face this problem every day of my life, also my grandfather had passed away 4 years ago and I hope you will pray for him during your triathlon please. Thank you so much Mr. Sean Astin! I will root for you the entire run and hope you can exceed past you're expectations!! With love from your friend, Laura Crouch aka Bebe

Jennifer Hovelson-Albrecht #Run3rd for a continuously kind and giving world to be filled with love and joy for all. My continued hope and prayer daily for a kinder world.

Michelle Crouse #Run3rd for my daughter Keara the day you run is her 15th birthday. Good luck

Shawna Kaiser Cottrell #Run3rd for Amy Lavore Elliott and others that have passed away from rare cancers like LMS. Never forget the rare cancers!!

Tina Larson-Fugere #Run3rd for all our brave men and women serving our country!

Anna Carlson #Run3rd I ask only for awareness for the LGBT community, and for those who (for lack of a better word) have a lack of many people hate and dismiss those who are part of the community, and there's so many more that don't fall under the LGBT title - including gay TG, pansexual, genderqueer, etc - and I just want the hate to end. Thank you so much for doing what you believe in, and for being amazing. Much love, goonies never say die!

Joy Dieguez My dad who is having a painful neck recovery from neck surgery.#run3rd. And if it's not to much to ask, could you also #run3rd for an epic Star Wars movie?

Laurie Krebs #Run3rd for Tammy Payne Church and her for her son Travis who has been battling cancer. They're BOTH so strong and amazing!

Manda Lujan #Run3rd Manda Childrens Cancer and Heart foundations to help the children.

Marina Marquez-Corado #Run3rd Please run for my father in law who is in the hospital. Hopefully he will be out soon

Jennifer Larson #Run3rd for everyone impacted by the school shooting yesterday at Umpqua Community College. Our state needs all the love and support we can get.

Jill Ann Marie #Run3rdforyourrundisneyfamily

Karen Evans Padua #Run3rd for Brendan Padua and Autism Awareness. Thanks Sean for you do!

Janet White please dedicate this to all of the individuals who do not have the physical ability to even stand on their own, let alone do something we all take for granted such as being able to walk - God be with you Sean, and keep you safe through this amazing journey - thank you

number1raphfan @seanastin how'd you know I aunt with breast cancer? @bexoutdoors that was my aunt…  Please #Run3rd for my grandma who's in the hospital and for my grandparents who just got out of the hospital,and for me because I have Cystic Fibrosis.Please do it for my aunt who died with breast cancer. Thank you. Please also #Run3rd for @tmnt.gravityfalls_4_life 's cousin Jamie, who has cancer.

polgaracat Please #Run3rd for those who lost lost their lives and those who were injured in the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon.

Michaela @kildenree @SeanAstin #Run3rd  for chronic illness awareness!

Erin D @TheMightyErinD @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for my son. He lives with #epilepsy. Good luck in Kona!

Cheyanne Witte @CheyGirl1 Hey all #Run3rd team captains, let's all #Run3rd this week for @SeanAstin to do well in Kona!

Maddi C @mads_107 @SeanAstin #Run3rd  run for the innocent cops that have been shot and killed this year

Rhi Anderson @anderson_rhi @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for one of our Rugby League guys learning to walk again after becoming a quadriplegic

Crispi-Chan :3 @Crispitina30 @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for my grandpa who was diagnosed with Alzheimer three years ago, and for all of us who take care of him. Thanks <3

Robert Cook @brewdah #Run3rd for my wife Heather and others with Rheumatoid Arthritis who had their love of running stolen by this rotten disease

Pablooo Seguraaa @pablosegura2002 @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for my cousin who has brain disease.  Love you sean

Samantha Smith @sammy250676 @SeanAstin please #Run3rd  for my mum who died of cancer 5 years ago who I miss every single day. And for those who are fighting it today.

Jill Li @j1ruchan @SeanAstin Pls #Run3rd for 2 brave ladies: my bff @ckmyuen, who survived breast cancer, & Cristina, who is battling St 2 metastatic cancer

Laccie @Lacciea24 @SeanAstin #Run3rd for my grandparents that have had cancer

берти и крышечка @rina_aronde @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for my brave father who lived for 10 years with incurable form of cancer&was defeated by it last year.Thank you.

confy jess @ARNlEGRAPE @SeanAstin #Run3rd FOR THE GOONDOCKS

Sue @Morgans_Circus @SeanAstin #Run3rd for the children that no longer can. @FightDMD

Angela Green @chasingmiles @SeanAstin Pls #Run3rd 4Lucas who was just diagnosed w/brain cancer 2wks ago #ThumbsUpForLucas

Micah Stover @StoverMicah @SeanAstin #Run3rd for God's glory!!

confy jess @ARNlEGRAPE @SeanAstin #Run3rd for the death of Joey Trotta

Cindy Changyit Levin @ccylevin @SeanAstin please #run3rd for victims of gun violence

Eve @evelienh @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for my my grandmother who has Alzheimer's, may we still have many beautiful moments with her

Eve @evelienh @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for my cousin who had a gorgeous baby girl last week but has just been diagnosed with prenatal depression

RESULTS St Louis @RESULTS_STL @SeanAstin please #run3rd for all the @RESULTS_Tweets advocates lobbying to #savemomsandkids

ChristopherStargazer @ChrisStargazer @SeanAstin Please #Run3rd for everyone fighting Barret's Esophagus, for everyone fighting to hang on longer and..  well you know what to do.

Claire Marie @schaeferbear031 @SeanAstin #Run3rd for my grandma, dealing with her second tumor w/in the past few months.

Lisa Dunster Moeller @lldmoe @SeanAstin #Run3rd for Umpqua victims and heroes and to refuse the shooter the fame he sought #refusethemfame

Kim Miller @Kimberly9573 @SeanAstin #Run3rd in honor of my sister in law Rochell and all the others battling breast cancer. Thank you! You got this Sean!

!!! @lrhswish @SeanAstin #run3rd for my constant battle with epilepsy since i was 3 and continuously pushing through all the hard times because of it

Susan @sadrian0916 @SeanAstin run for my daughters and all other survivors of PTSD it's so difficult to live life with it #Run3rd

ChickenHatCheerer @ChickenHatCheer 18 @SeanAstin #Run3rd for Give Kids The World. Make dreams come true!

Maddi C @mads_107 @SeanAstin #Run3rd Sean run for my grandmother who died of cancer

Marina mechell @Marinamechell @SeanAstin #run3rd for my father who is battling bone cancer, please

Faith McDonnell @Cuchulain09 @SeanAstin Please #Run3rd for Christians in Iraq trying to survive ISIS and for ppl in Nuba Mts. of Sudan being killed by their own govt. TY

♡Karissa♡ @KarissaMurr @SeanAstin #Run3rd for anyone who has lost their life due to gun violence in America

rhiannon @dixongrimes_ @SeanAstin #run3rd for my godfather who we buried today who died of lung and brain cancer

Leila Soffen ♜ @bigfogiefan @SeanAstin please #run3rd for my friend fighting cancer

Jimi Wolfe @CaptainJimiPie @SeanAstin I'll be amazed if I'm the first person to tweet this to you! #run3rd but seriously, do it for everyone :)

Greaser @_80s_Obsessed_ @SeanAstin #Run3rd for my cousin who has acute leukemia

Stim Soup @StimSoup @SeanAstin Could you #Run3rd for my youngest son Brendan? He is 13 with #autism. Thanks for all you do! Karen @StimSoup

Jaymi @jaymi_c #run3rd for everyone that needs the extra love and support in their lives. @SeanAstin

CG Galpal @CGalpal Hi Sean! Would you #Run3rd for anyone who needs help but doesn't know how to ask for it?

Rich Nagle @ohbuckeyenut @SeanAstin please #run3rd for my friend just diagnosed with cancer. Goes for surgery in a few weeks.

Tracy Burwell @ATurtlesPace @SeanAstin this outpouring of #Run3rd dedications is simply beautiful! U have provided hope and love w/ this simple act of kindness!

Jimi @everydaymycroft @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for my mother who has her cancer check up this month

dorian @euphoricphoenix @SeanAstin #run3rd for all of those who are battling cancer, my mom passed from it

Joy @bugnjoy @SeanAstin please #run3rd for a @Cubs World Series

confy s @RIVERSDARLING @SeanAstin #Run3rd for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety daily

Tim @txbrutus @SeanAstin #Run3rd for my dad and all others enduring long struggles with cancer and the treatments that physically/mentally exhaust them

♡Karissa♡ @KarissaMurr @SeanAstin #Run3rd for my Aunt who is currently battling leukemia, and for her newborn son too <3

Annie✨ @TheBoudicca @SeanAstin #Run3rd for what is closest to,your heart.

Stacy Dillon @mytweendom @SeanAstin #run3rd for all of those dealing with #Lyme and the politics preventing care.

Will Fredericks @Bigwill619Will For a cause like #Run3rd I would also say 4 my Brothers & Sisters in arms abroad a safe a speedy return home. PLEASE

Clementine @19Clementine76 @SeanAstin #Run3rd for my 14 year old daughter who fights a battle every day not to self-harm.

Heidi @praeriedikter @SeanAstin Please #Run3rd for your #Loyals  They are my family by choice & the most bestest people you can have in your life!!

Heidi @praeriedikter @SeanAstin Please #Run3rd for our beloved @LindaofNote who is fighting some kind of a virus &  laryngitis.   Thank you so much!!

Tracy Burwell @ATurtlesPace @SeanAstin Please #run3rd for those battling Meniere's disease! #NoMoreWhirlie #Run3rd for #MoreGoodDaysThanBad

Nichole deSnark @LostTeleri @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for those disabled by chronic pain, who can't run for themselves!

MaryEllen #Loyals @MaryEllen9064 @SeanAstin :Please #Run3rd for my friend Bill who is battling bladder cancer.

The Peachy Geek @MamaPeachyKeen @SeanAstin #Run3rd for everyone like myself living with multiple sclerosis.

Kelli Shrewsberry @RunwithTLC @SeanAstin I'm looking thru the #run3rd feed feeling so proud 2b a Team captain.  Some powerful dedications!

JT @The_Technician1 @SeanAstin #Run3rd for my 2 boys w/Autism, and all the other families that have been affected…

Becky A @beckya75 #run3rd for @ParkinsonCanada @SeanAstin

brenda @BILLYTEPPER @SeanAstin #run3rd for Shawn Phelan

confy jess @ARNlEGRAPE @SeanAstin #run3rd FOR A GOONIES 2

Cheyanne Witte @CheyGirl1 @SeanAstin Please #run3rd for my BFF/brother @Leosavesyou who lost his beloved husband just a couple months ago.

darrowbythirsk @darrowbythirsk @SeanAstin #Run3rd for me, if you're willing.  I have a lump in my leg, and get a biopsy on Tuesday.

brenda @BILLYTEPPER  SeanAstin #run3rd for jilly !!
Johanne Brøsted @JBrsted @SeanAstin please also #run3rd for Geoff Murrin, who had a tumor surgically removed from his brain yesterday.

Cheyanne Witte @CheyGirl1 @SeanAstin Please #run3rd for me to get a final offer to get into the Sheriff's academy this month! All tests done and passed!

Ashley S @ilonikash420 @SeanAstin #run3rd for every family effected by war/ domestic terrorism

EvilBeastMonkey @Reverend_Ruth @SeanAstin Please #run3rd for my father in law, who has dementia, and all of us who are trying to care for him.

Heidi @praeriedikter Run(bike&swim) safe, run (bike&swim)strong

confy jess @ARNlEGRAPE @SeanAstin #run3rd for my battle with diabetes

Sarah Ferreira @sarahf2525 @SeanAstin #Run3rd for those of us who live with aspergers everyday

mikey @MikahJenkins @SeanAstin #run3rd for my biology grades bc they are slacking

Macie A Carter @MacieACarter @SeanAstin please #Run3rd to #EndHatred

Will Fredericks @Bigwill619Will @SeanAstin Run for my fellow Disabled Vets.. #run3rd I wish I could run with you Sean

L i z ✨ @lilredlizzie @SeanAstin Please #Run3rd to end the stigma of mental illness

Johanne Brøsted @JBrsted @SeanAstin Please #run3rd for my friend @FabianBolin who is fighting Leukemia, at present in hospital with an infection and no immunesystem.

Linda Iroff @LindaofNote @SeanAstin Please #run3rd for Sean Astin, whose open heart & determination inspire so many.

CFMNews Taffy @lijeyeshaveit @SeanAstin please #run3rd for @Catherine_17 who can't eat due to her multiple mystery illnesses.

*Paula* @Mominkyle @SeanAstin #Run3rd for Laura Mayes who is battling metastatic melanoma like a boss.

Linda Iroff @LindaofNote @SeanAstin Please #run3rd for my 2 dears friends @praeriedikter & @ATurtlesPace

bella @BellaLeitch @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for my little brother who has been struggling with autism. My family and i would really appreciate it

Teresa Wong #Run3rd for all those battling cancer and those that have lost the battle to it. Thanks!

Sean Shurtleff #run3rd for the hartle family!! They recently lost their 8 year old son to cancer! They are absolutely amazing people and have always kept a positive attitude! It was a hard loss! THANK YOU SEAN ASTIN!! The kids name is OWEN! He was an amazing young boy! :)

marianelisa You are amazing! Please #Run3rd for @radcampoc #Run4Rad

mollieowl #Run3rd for @meagainoneil who started her 6th round of chemo this past week, hoping it's her last. #meganselves

RESULTS St Louis @RESULTS_STL @SeanAstin pls #run3rd for these passionate @RESULTS_Tweets volunteer advocates working together to #EndPoverty

Linda Iroff @LindaofNote @SeanAstin Please #run3rd for my 94 yr old mom, just admitted to hospital with heart arrhythmia.

valdislongbeard Please #Run3rd for my dad who started chemo this last week.

Leslie Perrin Sean please run for all those who have passed away with breast cancer and those who survived this horrible illness. Run for my Aunt Lucy that passed away 3 yrs ago from ovarian cancer. There is not a day that doesn't go by that I don't miss her terribly. She truly was an angel on earth. She touched so many.

Maureen Aranda Sean please #Run3rd for Tressie Hallisey, my mom who was just laid to rest with my dad yesterday. She had heart disease and kidney failure. I am Maureen Aranda, Sue Friend that works at Goofy's kitchen, we have talked a few times. Thanks for being so kind!

Scottie Good Mattausch #Run3rd For those of us with PCOS please. Always

Carrie Dean Dunagan #Run3rd for the Rudy's out there!

Rachel Nash Please #Run3rd for the people of Charleston. "We're gonna wash away,"

Tara Young Landis #Run3rd for my mom Sharon who is fighting breast cancer. #Run3rd for those affected by Autism

noelledawes #run3rd for more love then hated

Pablooo Seguraaa @pablosegura2002 @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for muy cousin who has a mental illness, and for all children in Africa who are struggling against Ebola

Sara @sarastrigoi @SeanAstin #run3rd For my Mother who passed away in January from Ovarian Cancer. and Myself who was diagnosed with Cervical cancer in May.

Yasmine Matar @yasminematar @SeanAstin Pls #Run3rd for every individual affected by #musculardystrophy incl. my friends Anthony & his devoted mother @caroleauclair

Notorious V.E.L. @Dat_Khaleesi @SeanAstin Run for the understanding and acceptance of Autism, and to remove the stigmatisms of mental illness. Please <3

Sarah Diamond @Voxpax2 @Run3rdSean @SeanAstin pls run for #SPNFamily especially for those dealing with depression #AKF @jarpad

Shel Asher Run for me Shel Asher. I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer in June. There is no cure. I have a 7 yr old daughter, Eliza. She is an amazing kid. My husband has been an emotional rock through this. Run for us. We will cheer from Kansas City! Thanks so much.

Karen Lee @Esmerelda555 @SeanAstin #Run3rd for Umpqua Community College #RoseburgStrong

Carolee Davis Eubanks Please #Run3rd for the people who would never dream of participating in such an event, but will see you and by your example be inspired to start trying. Someday they might #Run3rd for you.

ChristopherStargazer @ChrisStargazer @SeanAstin #Run3rd to help to shine a light on abuse. Trying to fight a place condemned by the UN that people have fought for 40 years.

Meggie G @Ohcomeonnow @SeanAstin #Run3rd For Major Justin Fitch. Here's his story:…

Rachel @themadhobbit @SeanAstin Sean, could you please, please #Run3rd for the people of South Carolina? I am away from home and unable to get back. #luckyone

David Day @dday247 @SeanAstin Please add Columbia, SC & this whole area to your #Run3rd list. We got hit incredibly hard with historic flooding.

L i z ✨ @lilredlizzie @SeanAstin Could you please #Run3rd for the all victims & families of the shooting in Oregon?

Megan @PhickOTM @SeanAstin please run3rd for me. Got diagnosed with two diseases today. But I'm gonna keep on being positive.

Nathan Lee @bekindtobignate @SeanAstin can you please #run3rd for my friend Jessica and her family who lost their home to a fire over the weekend

CG Galpal @CGalpal @SeanAstin Thought of you while watching a swimmer push along past the buoys this a.m. I will #Run3rd (walk) to change "I can't" to #ican.

Cheyanne Witte @CheyGirl1 @SeanAstin #Run3rd for me to do well with this huge career change I am about to embark on!

Jodi Scott @jolysco @Run3rd5k @SeanAstin #teamrun3rd - Please #Run3rd for #mckenzie who is started chemo today. Thank you!

V @MsVifUplz @SeanAstin plz #Run3rd for Alzheimer's cure. I'm running the Chicago Marathon Sun10/11(my1st marathon)4 my Aunt who passed from it last Dec.

Cindy Overton @cinderlins @SeanAstin Any chance you could #run3rd for me as I embark on a new challenge? Started exercising so I can hopefully run a marathon one day!

Marilyn Sehn @121bombero @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for me.  I had a stroke and need healing.  I am 68 same as your mom. Thank you.

Leah @Leahmari11 @SeanAstin pls #run3rd for bday is this weekend. Wish I was still in Hawaii to celebrate & cheer you on.

Molly Maka Sean, if it's not too much trouble, I had one more dedication. Could you #Run3rd for my brother, Evan. He was diagnosed with diabetes. We don't know much more at this point. Thank you!

Aniko Pusztai @pofallgalaxies @SeanAstin please #run3rd for the hundreds of children in need, the real victims of war #Syria #refugeecrisis #Europe

Marianne Schwab @TravelProducer @SeanAstin #RUN3rd in memory of those who lost their lives last week in Oregon. #UCC You're the REAL IRON MAN.

Krista Maxwell #Run3rd for my brother, Brian Martin, who died too early from complications from Neurofibromatosis and for all those who are living with NF

Alex Kallio @DrAlexKallio @SeanAstin #run3rd for my 7 year old daughter Maya who has autism. Someday I hope to race #IMKona myself for her! #goodluck

Marcus Finch #Run3rd for anyone who has ever been ridiculed for being different.

Leah @Leah_Cevoli @SeanAstin #Run3rd for our planet! #Run3rd for my kitty Keifer currently at the treatment center!! :)   #Run3rd for my brand new nephew Max, born 13 weeks early and holding on like a champ!

Brinton Running Club @BrintonRunners Our thoughts go out NAU - @SeanAstin please #Run3rd for the victims of the shooting this morning their loved ones. #stopshootingpeople

ashleywiththecaramellatte #Run3rd run for those who have forgotten what the spark of inspiration feels like.

Jamie Stephen @mordsithangel @SeanAstin  #Run3rd  For my son with ADHD who fights every day to learn and my preemie who beat all the odds!

Wendy Gibson @wendster73 @SeanAstin Please #Run3rd for a quick rehabilitation for my mother in law who just had spinal surgery. Run strong, I'll b thinking of u!

Linda Iroff @LindaofNote @SeanAstin You’ve done the hard work. You’ve put in your training. You have the heart and determination (or gumption as @purplepatch would say). You are ready. Your family, friends and fans know you will do this. We #run3rd for you.

Lupe Steele @LupeSteele @SeanAstin #Run3rd for the #Loyals! Without you we'd be aimlessly wandering this planet. We thank you & love you for bringing us together

MaryEllen #Loyals @MaryEllen9064 @SeanAstin  We, #Loyals love you, we stand by you and with you!  You are ready. You will ace this!  #Run3rd for YOU!

MaryEllen #Loyals @MaryEllen9064 @SeanAstin  #Run3rd  for a classmate of mine: Deanna and her family.  She passed away today from renal failure.

Lupe Steele @LupeSteele @SeanAstin #October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. #Run3rd for awareness, early detection and a cure. Please #Run3rd for Jill and her family. Their cat past away this morning. #Loyals

Selena Salisbury @lilbirdnbranch @SeanAstin pls  #Run3rd for my friend Shel. Run for her relapsed breast cancer.

Yasmine Matar @yasminematar @SeanAstin Pls #Run3rd for the courageous men, women & children who are trying to break & are breaking away from #domesticviolence #Loyals

Leah @Leahmari11 @SeanAstin One more #Run3rd to add...Merv's aunt had surgery today & unfortunately it left her blind in one eye.

Michella Flores @Pilotgal Run third for my sister Krista, who has Muscular Dystrophy and her service dog Nin #Run3rd

Izha Sommar @IzhaSommar @SeanAstin  #Run3rd  like the wind! Pls also for my wonderful, awesome, strong grandmother, 91 yrs, with cancer. She will beat this!

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  1. #Run3rd for anyone who has ever been ridiculed for being different.

  2. #Run3rd run for those who have forgotten what the spark of inspiration feels like.