Friday, April 29, 2016

Tracy Burwell's 2nd Run3rd 5K Race Report

Submitted by Tracy Burwell, @ATurtlesPace
Tracy Burwell and Sean Astin

It was no surprise that the #Run3rd 5k was once again such a huge success!

As I stood on the field on race day just as the sun came up, it was clear that #Run3rd was no longer just an idea. #Run3rd had become a living, growing, breathing thing, flourishing with every step and dedication. Hundreds of people of all ages traveled from miles around to the 2nd Annual #Run3rd 5k. Inspiration and dedications were everywhere! The #Run3rd message was ringing out loud and clear, from the very first runner to the final finisher! It was such an honor to be even a small part of such an incredibly special day.

Kris and Mindy managed once again to organize a flawless event. I’m not sure how they manage to make it all happen, but I think there may be some magic involved! Speaking of magic, as I stood with my daughter Dawnley Raices, attaching our patches, I looked up and there was Sean Astin standing next to me! I immediately removed my patch and pinned it over his heart in honor of his mother. Running has always been our happy place so I was glad he was able to run with all of us that day after all. It was touching to watch him write “My Mom” on his visor as he dedicated his race to her. He spoke to the crowd and held a moment of silence for his mother just before the start of the race.

We all took off at the sound of the horn with our dedications and goal to complete the 3.1 mile course. Along the way I had the pleasure of running with a couple of little girls that Lupe Steele and I found huffing and puffing along the way. Together we were able to teach them the fine art of the 1:1 interval run/walk. They were amazed how well it worked and made it to the finish without a problem! Another inspirational moment was found while walking in with a group of captains as we encourage the final runner to the finish. Fast or slow we are all out there together. We start together, so we finish together. I have always felt compassion for the individuals at the end of the pack. No one should ever finish a race alone. Incidentally, the runners towards the back of the pack, often have the best stories of courage and determination.

The race day ended with a much unexpected surprise! Sean and the Team awarded me the #Run3rd Hero award. It is a beautiful crystal sculpture that makes rainbows when the sun shines through it. To me it represents every one of you and the love and support you have shown me, especially over the past year as I have struggled to keep running with my Meniere’s disease diagnosis. Thank you one and all Team #Run3rd for never giving up on me. What amazes me the most about #Run3rd is that 3 years ago I set out to encourage and inspire all of you! But as it turned out, you all are the ones that encouraged and inspired me!

I hope to see all of you again next year at the 3rd Annual #Run3rd 5k! Until then, let’s keep inspiring one another, remember iron sharpens iron! And make every step count, for even the smallest step will move you forward!